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Women's Health Care – What Does Brown Vaginal Discharge Indicate?

For a normal woman, it is a normal, even healthy, occurrence to have vaginal discharge. A vaginal discharge is the excess mucus and fluid that is produced by the vaginal walls and cervix. It’s a sign that the vagina is functioning properly to clean the vaginal area and keep the vaginal environment healthy. However, some women may experience brown vaginal discharge sometimes and don’t know what to do. Thus, what does brown vaginal discharge indicate for a woman’s health?

Brown vaginal discharge can be classified into two types, light and dark. Different type will indicate different conditions.

Causes of Light Brown Vaginal Discharge

The reasons that cause a woman's vaginal discharge be brown in color can be various. Pregnancy and Perimenopause are the most common two.

Pregnancy: It may be an early sign of pregnancy for a pinkish brown colored discharge.
Perimenopause: Perimenopause can result in a light brown discharge, pink, or a yellow discharge. The discharge may be heavy and uncomfortable sometimes in some women.
Old Endometrial Tissues: It’s common in young girls to have light brown discharge before they start their menstrual cycle. Sometimes, the discharge is the body's way of releasing any old endometrial tissue that was not shed during the menstrual cycle.
Uterine Polyps: Uterine polyps can also result in discharge as well as bleeding after intercourse, heavy menstrual bleeding, and abnormal vaginal bleeding.
STDs: Sometimes, a light brown discharge can be an early sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The most common STDs that cause this condition include chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and genital warts. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are curable with herbal supplement of Fuyan Pill.

Causes of Dark Brown Vaginal Discharge

A dark brown vaginal discharge can be experienced by a woman for various reasons. However, most of the reasons are not serious. If you have other symptoms of a serious condition or for peace of mind, it’s important to set up an appointment with your gynecologist for you.

Pregnancy: A dark brown discharge usually indicates implantation bleeding. The color can range from pink, red to light or dark brown. The discharge may last as long as three to four days.
Ovulation: It is not uncommon to experience a dark brown discharge or spotting during the process of the egg being released.
Menopause: Many women who are close to menopause will experience a dark brown discharge in place of a normal menstrual flow.
Endometrial Bleeding: Endometrial bleeding may occur if some of the uterine wall was not discharged during the menstrual cycle. It may occur just after the cycle ends or just before the next cycle begins. It may becomes dark brown in color because of the old blood.
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: It’s a more serious condition that can also cause dark brown vaginal discharge and requires timely treatment. It is painful and can lead to pain during intercourse, abdominal pain, and even infertility if left untreated. Herbal medicines like Fuyan Pill are believed to be an effective treatment for PID patients. Unlike antibiotics, it will not cause any side effects and drug resistance and can help PID patients get cure completely in a short time without recurrence.
Cervical Cancer: Cervical cancer is by far believed to be the most serious disease that is associated with a dark brown discharge. Other symptoms of this condition can include weight loss, pelvic pain, loss of appetite, leg pain, and fatigue.

After knowing the different causes of brown vaginal discharge, you will know when you need to visit a doctor and get treatment. Being able to recognize normal from abnormal vaginal discharge is the key to maintaining good vaginal health.

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