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What are Different Natural Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Many studies have shown that more and more women are troubled by bacterial vaginosis(BV). This disease brings both physical and psychological distress to women and seriously affects their lives. Except for antibiotic, choosing natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis maybe another good choice.

First of all, you should know what will lead to BV.
There are many causes of the disease, such as:
Unclean sex: Too many sexual partners or frequent sexual intercourse.

Indirect contact with infected things: Contacting with the bacterial infection in patients co-toilet toilet, bidet, bath chairs, towels, using dirty toilet paper, can cause spreading.
Taking large number of antibiotics: Antibiotics will change the vaginal micro-environment, pathogenic bacteria pathogens may multiply, eventually leading to bacterial vaginosis attack.
Excessive attention to health: In order to maintain hygiene, some women use medicinal lotion to clean the vagina frequently. It is easy to destroy the vaginal PH environment and women are easily infected with bacterial vaginosis.

When you have been infected with bacterial vaginosis, you may have the following symptoms like vaginal discharge increased and accompanied by a very foul taste; some people will fell itchy on vulva or even feel painful after sex life.

Then, we will come to the point that which kinds of natural treatments we can try to fight the disease.

Many people choose to treat with antibiotics, but it was proved that after long-term use of antibiotics, bacterial will get resistance and there is a high probability that bacterial vaginosis comes back. However natural treatment can effectively relieve and treat bacterial vaginosis. You may be able to get help from the following natural treatments.

1. Herbal medicine

Unlike Western medicine antibiotics, herbal medicine was composed by a variety of natural herbal plants and less damage would be brought to the human body. Herbal treatment is gradual. You may need two to three months or even longer time for treatment, but the result can indeed be very stable and significant. Herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill maybe a good choice. It is believed to be the most effective herbal treatment on BV which has been confirmed by lots of patients.

2. Eating right
After suffering from this disease diet should be insipid, no smoking or drinking, do not eat spicy things, eat more foods with a light penetration dampness, such as melon, watermelon, red bean, which are conducive to the rehabilitation of this disease. Drinking more water to speed up the body metabolism.

3. Keeping the vagina clean

Choosing the right material underwear, cotton underwear will be best. Try not to wear tight pants, which will make your vagina can not breathe; changing underwear often and be sure that your underwear can be touched by sunshine.

4. Taking morning exercises
Appropriate exercise can improve physical fitness, enhance body immunity. Regular exercise can improve immune globulin levels, increase the number of leukocytes in the blood, enhance vagina resistance to infection, prevent and stop the spread of pathogens.

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