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Easily Performed Home BV Treatments

BV, also known as bacterial vaginitis, is a syndrome with increased white and fishy vaginal discharge and vulva itch. It is caused by mixture infection of vaginal anaerobic bacteria and gardnerella. This condition not only can be caused by unhealthy hygiene, but also can be caused by sexual contact. Bacterial vaginitis is more common on women who have multiple sexual partners.

Due to it is a silent condition that commonly bring no symptoms to women, it is easy for women to develop severe complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease, cervicitis, salpingitis or endometritis.

To avoid the complications of BV, not only the routine test is necessary, but also the treatment. Here are some home treatments for bacterial vaginitis.

Drinking sugarless cranberry juice
Cranberry juice is effective on curing bacterial vaginitis. But the cranberry juice should be 100% sugarless, because the warm and high glucose environment provides an agreeable environment of bacteria.

Taking Fuyan Pill
Women can also take Fuyan pill to cure the BV. Fuyan pill can balance the probiotics of the vagina and improve the resistance ability of body to toxic materials. Fuyan pill is also easy to be taken and got. Women can get this treatment from internet and the company provides international express. Women also just need to finish two packs a day with water.

Keep the vagina clean and dry
The moisture environment also is an agreeable environment for bacteria to reproduce. To avoid aggravation, women should change underwear every day, avoid tight underwear, wear loose and cotton underwear, wash vagina every day, wipe vagina every time after urination, disinfect the underwear and towel frequently.

Sexual partner should receive treatment too
BV can also be affected via sexual contact. Patients not only have to take protected sex, but also have to ask her sexual partners accept treatment if there is sign of infection. This way can avoid cross infection and improve the recovery rate.


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