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What Diseases can Bring Smelly Discharge to Women?

Normal vaginal discharge which is also known as healthy leucorrhea commonly is colorless or milk white without odor. The volume is affected by the levels of hormones. Normally, it changes with the menstrual period. Normal vaginal discharge has self-cleaning function and women can gain lots of benefits from it. However, when there is smelly discharge, it means women have gynecological diseases. So what diseases can bring smelly discharge to women? Let’s figure it out one by one.

Vaginitis caused by anaerobion, trichomonad or hemophilus
When women have vaginitis that is caused by anaerobion, trichomonad or hemophilus, their vaginal discharge commonly smells bad like rotten eggs. Curing this type of vaginitis, antibiotics are the most commonly used treatment. After one course with antibiotics, it is necessary for women to take test in hospital. If there is still toxic materials, treatment should be continued until no toxic materials can be found.

Cervical erosion
When women have foul smell after menses, it commonly is caused by infection or inflammation. This type of infection is hardly to be cured in a short time. Patients with Cervical erosion need a long curing period and only when this condition is solved the foul smell can be solved.

Yeast infection
If women have fishy smell, which is commonly caused by yeast infection, women can also experience burning on vagina, pain, itch, moisture around vulva. If women have this type of vaginitis, women can take Fuyan pill to get a cure. Fuyan pill cures this condition by improve the immunity of women. Generally speaking, symptoms can disappear after one month’s treatment with Fuyan pill.

All in all, the three mentioned conditions are the most common reason of smelly discharge. Smelly discharge is an obvious sign of infection or inflammation. Women should value it and take action as soon as possible.

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