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Bacterial Infection of Vagina-Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Bacterial infection of vagina is a common disease for women, it can make a lot of discomforts to women, influence their health and life, so female patients need to know more about it before curing it, such as its symptoms, causes and treatments, then can get it cured soon.

10%~50% of the patients have no symptom, some of them have abnormal leucorrhea which has a fishy smell or the color is grey or white, some also feel burning and itching in vagina.

1.    Infection which is caused by indirect contact. Touch polluted toilet, bathtub, seat or tower in the public bath or use unclean toilet paper.
2.    Sexual transmission. It is one cause of the disease, for female patients, 10% of their male sex partners have bacterial urethritis.
3.    Take a lot of antibiotics. This will change the microenvironment in vagina and increase the propagation of disease-causing bacterial pathogens.
4.    “Be too careful” of personal hygiene. Some women often use medical washing liquid to douche vaginas, this can easily break the acid base environment and cause bacterial infection of vagina.

1. Normal treatment.
Keep vulva clean and dry, avoid scratching. Don’t eat spicy food. Change panty everyday, use warm water to wash your panty, don’t mix it with other clothes, avoid cross infection.

2. Medical treatment.
Metronidazole is considered effective, take it twice for a day and keep taking it for 7 days.
Kemeiling. Take it for three days.
Hilamycin. It is effective to several kinds of gram negative and gram positive,
bacterium and anaerobion.
Lincomycin and penbritin.

3.  Partial treatment.
Medicine for external use, such as metronidazole suppositorie, once for a day at night and use it for 7 days.

4. Treatment of complications
Patients who have other pathogens, taking medicine according to other pathogens and avoid abuse of antibiotics. Pay attention to situation which needs to use medicine for whole body, you can give supportive therapies at the same time, notice adverse reactions of medicines.

5. Treatment for sex partner
Male sex partner should be treated at the same time.

6. A type of TCM which is really effective, the name is Fuyan Pill. Since it is all natural and safe like food we eat, it will cause no toxic and side effect. And once cured, if pay enough attention to preventions, you will never get infected again.

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