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Do You Know Home Remedies for Yeast Infection?

When talking about the treatments of yeast infection, medical treatments are the first ones to come to your mind right? They can be useful, but as we all know, western medicines can be harmful to our bodies and leave side effects. So you can try home remedies too if you get yeast infection.

Buy some natural yogurt, unsweetened with active cultures. Pick up a children's dose medicine syringe from a pharmacy. Make sure it is the larger sized, for bigger doses. They do not come with needles. At home, put some of the yogurt into a cup and refrigerate the rest. Fill the syringe with 1-2Tbsp of yogurt. In the bathroom, position yourself as if you were to insert a tampon. Insert the syringe slowly into the vagina as far as is comfortable. Dispense all the yogurt inside the vagina. Be sure to wash out the syringe with soap and water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Apply twice a day, especially before bedtime.

Peel one clove of fresh garlic. The fresher the better! Insert it into your vagina using your fingers. If you are concerned that it will get stuck inside you, wrap it in thin, clean gauze and tie a string to it before inserting. Leave it in overnight. Yeast is a fungus and garlic is a natural antifungal so it will help get rid of your yeast infection quickly! If you don't feel better after the first night, try pricking the clove with a knife before you insert it. This will release more of the juices and may help fight the yeast infection more. Watch out for garlic breath but this should clear up your yeast infection within a couple days.

Apple cider vinegar
Pour one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar into three tablespoons of cold water. Mix well. Using a clean cloth, gently wipe your labia with the solution. Pat dry your labia and vaginal area with a clean towel. Yeast loves moisture, so be sure to get rid of any moisture that you can! Repeat daily until you feel better.

If these home remedies are not very useful, or your symptoms are very serious, you can try Fuyan Pill also, it is a type of TCM, totally safe and green like food, without any side effect, often patients can be cured within several months.

Preventions of yeast infection

The best way is no sex. If sex is not able to be avoided, then condom can be the best protection for you, yeast infection or other STDs including HIV. If a woman doesn’t have a sex partner, then condom must be used when having sex, also she can try another way to get contraception. If a woman confirmed with yeast infection, then her sex partner needs to be treated as well.

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