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Treatments of Cervicitis-Western Medical Treatment, Herbal Treatment and Physical Treatment

Cervicitis is a common disease for childbearing age women, there are chronic one and acute one. Symptoms are increased leucorrhea, stomachache and etc. Generally speaking, women can recover soon and well after childbirth, but the rate for getting chronic cervicitis is still high, and it relates to cervical cancer to some extent. How can it be cured? Western medical treatment, herbal treatment and physical treatment will be discussed below.

There are many causes for cervicitis, like stimulating of microorganism and its toxin, allergic reaction, trauma, birth injury, influence of radiation and etc. If the disease were treated immediately, it can be cured totally, but if leave it untreated or treat it by a wrong way, then acute cervicitis can change into a chronic one. And if for a long period of time, chronic cervicitis still have not been cured, it will lead to worse situation. The disease occurs in women who got married. Chronic cervicitis accounts for more than half of women who got married. The incentives of the appearance of the disease are fatigue, decreased immunity or chronic inflammation in the vagina.

1. Physiotherapy. Like cortex thermocoagulation, hot medicated compress, refrigeration and etc. If after using other treatments, patients still feel not good, then physiotherapy can be used. But it is not suitable for patients with serious incompetence in heart, liver or kidney, systemic failure, active TB,  tumor, easy to bleed or are allergy sufferers.
2. Western medical treatments. For acute cervicitis, patients can use metronidazole, put one piece in vagina, once a day, 7-10 days for a course. If the inflammation is serious and there is a lot of discharge, then they can lavage vagina with 1: 5000 furacilin liquid, spray medicine partly, like furacilin powder and etc. If patients have symptoms like lower abdominal pain, waist pain, increased frequency of urinate and etc, antibiotics can be used.
3. TCM, there is one very good called Fuyan Pill, it is totally safe and green like food we eat, usually patients can recover within several months without any side effect.

Patients can’t eat
1. Sweet or oily food, like sugar, cream cake, pork oil, sheep oil or yolk, for these food can help increase the humid, influence the treatment and make the disease more difficult to be cured.
2. Spicy or fried food, such as pepper, fennel, onion, mustard, roast chicken, fried pork steak and etc, or beef, mutton, dog meat and etc which can make the disease serious.
3. Seafood, like fishes in the ocean, crab, shrimp, clam, oyster or abalone which are harmful to the elimination of inflammation.
4. Wine, for it can increase humid and heat, then the disease can be more serious.

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