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Smelly Discharge Makes You So Embarrassing! Do You Want to Cure It?

Imagine this, if you are an office lady, when you work very hard, suddenly there is a strange smell from your vagina, you will feel so embarrassing, right? Or if you are a mother, when you company your kid and play happily in the park, you feel sticky and uncomfrotable in your vagina and on your panty, you will immediately lose the happy mood right? There are many other embarrassing moments for women with smelly discharge, how to cure it?

Smelly discharge relates to personal hygiene very much, if personal hygiene is not kept well, especially when it is the time for season changing, bacterium grows fast, so women need to change panties often, keep vagina clean, prevent the existent of harmful bacteria. At the same time, it is not recommended to use all kinds of medical liquid to douch vagina often, for this will do damage to the balance in vagina, and lead to embarrassing, then cause vaginitis.

Many women like to use healthy pad when they are not in the periods, actually this is not suggested. Women do this for the cleaning of their panties, but since the poor breathability of healthy pad, once used for a long time, it will cause side effect.

Living rhythm is fast and psychic pressures is big, especially for young men, their lifestyle is not healthy or regular, this lead to endocrine disorders easily. So make sure enough rest, reasonable diets, nutrition balance and eat more food with a lot of vitamins, try to do more happy things and adjust mood, keep good mood, avoid being too excited or angry are important.

The disease can be cured by some dietary therapy also, like prepare suitable amount of brown sugar and black fungus. Dry black fungus, make them into powder, drink with brown sugar water. Twice in a day, every time 2 g. Or prepare an egg, 10g brown sugar, chives roots which are suitable amount. Clean chives roots, boil with water and brown sugar. Once for everyday, keep taking it for one week.

Smelly discharge is a common symptom of gynecological inflammation, like vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammation and etc, without on time treatment the situation can be more serious or even causes infertility, sometimes only replying on diets is not enough. If these dietary therapies can’t help much, then women can try Fuyan Pill, a type of TCM. It is totally safe and green like food we eat, usually patients can be cured within several months without getting the disease again.

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