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Pregnant Women Must Pay Attention to Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginitis is one main disease of bacterial vaginosis, especially in hot summer, pregnant women must be careful of the disease very much. For this is a gynecological disease which occurs easily during pregnant time, also it can do great harm to women and fetuses.

Bacterial vaginitis is caused by decreased lactobacilli and entering of  pathogenic bacterium like staphylococcus, streptococcus,  proteus, escherichia coli and etc , they breed and cause the imbalance of microorganism in vagina and lead to vaginitis. Also the disease can be led by abuse of suppository, medical liquid douching vagina, then the normal PH level in vagina will be broken.  Pregnant women are easily to get bacterial vaginitis especially. For a woman with not serious symptoms, there is only increased discharge in her vagina, the color of the discharge is white or grey, like yellow water or abscess, smells like fish. Sometimes she have light itch in vulva, after sex she feels painful. For serious situation, it can cause UTI symptoms like feeling urgency, frequency or pain when urination. Is there a safe and effective medicine to cure bacterial vaginitis? That is Fuyan Pill, as a type of TCM, it is natural and safe, without any side effect or drug resistance, at the same time try to obey things can or can’t eat, often it can cure patients within several months. During the treatments, some tips must be kept on mind, like patients can’t eat spicy food, seafood, sweet food, smoking, drinking, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits such as wax gourd, watermelon, phaseolus calcaratus.

In order to prevent bacterial vaginitis, pregnant women need to wear loose panties which are made of cotton, try their best to not use health pad, wear dresses often to keep permeability. Don’t eat food which have a high content of sugar, once infection is found, try to get a treatment as soon as possible or premature delivery may occur. Also, if it is possible, they can prepare oxygen bag at home and foetus ECG monitor, since it is humid and the pressure is low in summer, it is easy for pregnant women to feel flustration or have gasping feeling, for pregnant women when it is  late gestation, symptoms are more apparently, but if they have these symptoms frequently, or they had heart disease before pregnancy, at this time oxygen bag at home and foetus ECG monitor can be used, on one hand protect the breath safety, on the other hand observe the situation of fetal movement and  fetal heart.

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