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What Are Vaginal Yeast Infections in Women?

Also known as candidiasis, vaginal yeast infections are a common female condition. yeast infections are caused by fungus Candida. In this fungus, irritation, swelling and intense itching are included.

The imbalance that the overgrowth of yeast is allowed to happen can be due to:

1.    Sleep which is not enough
2.    Stress
3.    Near your menstrual cycle there is hormonal imbalance
4.    Eating habits which are poor, a lot of sugary foods are included
5.    Immune system which is weak
6.    Antibiotics
7.    Pregnancy
8.    Diabetes which is uncontrolled

Symptoms which are frequent are included:
1.    Rash
2.    Soreness
3.    Pain during sex
4.    Large or small amounts of discharge in vagina, often thick and whitish gray
5.    Itching
6.    Soreness

The following treatment(s) will be prescribed by your doctor for simple yeast infections:

1.    Fuyan Pill. It is an alternative treatment of yeast infections as a type of TCM which has no drug resistance or side effect. Often patients can be cured within several months.
2. Within two months, if your symptoms return, a follow-up will also be necessary.
3. Diflucan, an oral medication which is a single dose.
4. Women with simple yeast infections should make sure to follow up with their doctor to make sure the medicine worked,.
5. A one- to three-day regimen of an antifungal cream, ointment, tablet or suppository.
6. In common antifungal medications, Gynazle, Lotrimin, Monistat, and Terazol are included.
7. These medications can be in prescription or over-the-counter form.

With natural remedies, vaginal yeast infections can be treated by you if you would like to avoid taking prescription medication. There are some popular remedies which are natural:
1. Insert yogurt into the vagina or take orally
2. Boric acid vaginal suppositories or garlic
3. Cream of tea tree oil

In many cases, you may know exactly causes of your yeast infection. These infections can be experienced by some women every time antibiotics taken by them for example. By recognizing your own risk factors can infections in the future be prevented by you.

Near the vagina, most targeted at avoiding the growth of bacteria, for prevention, here are some methods which are common:
1.    Frequent changing is needed by products for female
2.    Douching should be avioded
3.    Sitting in hot tubs or hot tub baths which are frequent should be avoided
4.    Wear cotton, linen, or silk for they are natural fibers
5.    Take supplements with lactobacillus or eat yogurt
6.    A well-balanced diet needs to be eaten
7.    Do not sit around in bathing suits especially for it is wet cloth
8.    Using feminine deodorant or deodorant tampons/pads should be avoided
9.    Tight pants, pantyhose, tights, or leggings shouldn’t be wore

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