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Cervicitis Is One Cause of Salpingitis Which Troubles Women A Lot

The onset of pelvic inflammatory diseases occur in salpingitis mostly for women when they are active of sex, but for women in their periods, before menophania, after menopause or never married, salpingitis happens seldomly. Pathogen infection leads to salpingitis mostly, there are staphylococcus, streptococcus, escherichia coli, gonococcus, proteus, pneumococcus, Chlamydia etc. Also cervicitis can cause the disease. 


Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease which contains cervical vaginal inflammation and cervical canal mucosal inflammation. In order to prevent cervicitis, women must pay attention to periods and sexual hygiene, don't have sex too much or too frequent, for young women, twice a week can be the best. They are not allowed to have sex during their periods or having sex too earlier after artificial abortion, after giving birth or intrauterine operation, usually it takes a month after the operation and three months after giving birth. 


Every time before or after sex, both women and men need to clean their genitalia, at the same time, rude sex should be avoided to prevent different inflammations of cervicitis actively. STDs have very close relationships to cervicitis, so it is not suggested to have too many sex partners. 


It is good for women to get married and give birth later, a study showed women who are under 18, if they have sex, they are easier to get cervicitis than women who have sex later. So postpone the first experience of sex can decrease the danger of getting cervicitis to some extent.


There are two types of salpingitis, acute one and chronic one, the latter one can be seen commonly in infertile female. If left untreated, salpingitis causes pelvic adhesions, tube blockage which leads to infertility, tubal pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, repeated episodes of inflammation etc. For cervicitis is only one cause of salpingitis, we need to know other ways to cure salpingitis. For acute salpingitis, patients can take antibiotics orally or by injection. For patients with serious symptoms, they need to get hospitalization. Surgeries can be used to cure salpingitis also if antibiotics can't control it. 


For chronic salpingitis, it can't be cured in a short time and make the treatment more difficult, so Fuyan Pill as a type of Chinese herb medicine can be the best choice. Since it will not cause drug resistance or side effect like antibiotics, that is the advantage of Fuyan Pill when compared with antibiotics. Also patients don't need to suffer any pain or wound left by surgeries. If they have enough rest and strengthen nutrition, also they can try assist treatments, they can recover soon.

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