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Bacterial Vaginosis-Introduction, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Bacterial Vaginosis is usually called as “BV”, from the meaning of the phrase; it is not difficult to know bacterial vaginosis is a disease caused by excessive growth of the bacteria. Although its existence is not dangerous to the life, it can bring into many troubles to the normal life, and if keeping it untreated for a long time, these bacteria will spread to other organs in the female reproductive system, and then some more serious diseases will be induced. 

What is the bacterial Vaginosis?
Simply speaking, Bacteria vaginosis (BV) is “bad” bacteria in the vagina is more than the normal healthy bacteria, this makes vaginal circumstance unbalance and becomes disrupted. And it is worthy of be noticeable BV is not belonging to sexually transmitted diseases. 
Some causes of resulting into Bacteria Vaginosis
Exact reason for Bacteria Vaginosis is not clear till now. However, according to the clinic experience, having a poor personal hygiene and multiple sexual partners will increase the risk of getting BV.
In addition, some other behaviors or activities may upset the balance of the naturally occurring bacterial flora and increase the risk of developing BV, such as: douching (using frequently water or medicinal things to clean the vagina), using some deodorants to wash your underwear, etc.
Some Signs and Symptoms of Bacteria Vaginosis
The main symptoms of BV are as follows:
A smell of "fishy" odor in the vagina
Abnormal consistency of vaginal fluid
Vaginal discharge that is cloudy, bloody, white, yellow, or green
Of course, Many women with BV do not have any symptoms (up to half of cases).
BV corresponding Treatments
Western Medicine treatment: An antibiotic called metronidazole can be used to treat the infection when indicated.  However, in here, we should mention antibiotic drugs have their own disadvantages, they have the side effects to our healthy body. Meanwhile, they have the features of drug resistance, drug tolerance. Such a way of treatment, it may result into the recurrence of the disease.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Treatment: As for the Bacterial Vaginosis, Fuyan Pill is a professional medicine for BV patients, it is natural and no side effects , and with its features of no drug resistance, no drug tolerance, therefore, you cannot worried it will bring damages to your body, and it can cure the disease throughoutly. What’s more, it can improve your immune system, helping you be capable of being against others diseases. 

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