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The Top Four Reasons of the occurrence of yeast infection discharge

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease, which can be checked by general symptoms such as yellow smelly discharge with fishy odor. It always recurrent if doesn’t have thorough treatment. This is because that the bacterial and sickened roots still exists. According to the survey, 75% of women had at least once candida vaginitis in a lifetime. Candida vaginitis is one of the most stubborn diseases among gynecological disease, women who suffer from it with the symptom of yeast infection discharge. Actually you can try to take traditional Chinese medicine to help in this case. Fuyan pill in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has a good curative effect on treatment of vaginitis, it can clear out the heat and toxic materials, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, help women deal with the pain.
Inflammation of department of gynecology is also the common disease for women, especially chronic inflammation. It gives some trouble to women. There is no doubt that using antibiotics for the treatment of acute inflammation disease. But its disadvantages are also can’t be ignored. Reasonable use of antibiotics and actively cooperate with Chinese medicine treatment, can prevent a lot of inflammation in delay and repeatedly, and it has better effect on chronic inflammation.


Some causes of vaginitis which are easy to be overlooked:
1. the excessive clean
frequently use drug cleaner or detergent to clean vulva can also cause vaginitis. It is enough that wash vulva with water every day; don't be bothered to select soap and detergent.
2. Wear model body underwear
Many OL try a variety of means to get in shape for a charming figure, many of them have preference in the use of model body underwear to be slim. When buy corsets, don’t covet its cheap to buy the chemical fiber tight underwear, because it can make vaginal local temperature and humidity increased, the stuffy and hot environment are the best place for bacterial and easy to occur the symptom of itching during period!
3. The unconditional use birth control pills
some women easy to cause candida vaginitis by taking birth control pills frequently. There is estrogen in the pill which has the effect of promoting the formation of mold, and causing it to further invasive vaginal tissue. At that time, if you still insist on taking birth control pills, you should immediately to switch to other methods. Not only protect you, also to ensure his health.
4. Wash underwear and socks together

Parasitic bacteria in various places easily infect each other. If you have athlete's foot, and at the same time put the underwear and socks to wash together, the mould will become the culprit of causing vaginitis with yellow discharge after period and repeated infection. So, underwear must separate cleaning.


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