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What kind of exercise can serve as uterus health supplements?

A healthy uterus has a bearing on a expanded life span and the beauty of women. Its no exaggeration to say that uterus is the second heart of women. Of course, apart from taking care of the daily diet and life habit, doing more exercise is also of great significance. Then what kind of exercise can help nourish your uterus?


1. Taking a brisk walk half an hour every day

Moderate aerobic exercise can help nurture uterus by promoting uterine blood circulation, burning abdominal fat. In all kinds of aerobic exercise, brisk walk is the most practical one, which is not only able to stimulate uterus and but also to spur fat in abdomen. In this way, uterus will get valid protection.


2. Swimming two hours every week to improve strength of uterine contraction

While women are swimming, muscles and joints all over will be mobilized, which, in this way, will boost metabolism and improve cardio-pulmonary function, more than anything, strengthen uterine contraction to warm the uterus. When swimming, women keep their abdomen down and move as they driver the motion of abdomen, stimulating uterus to speed up blood circulation so that uterine and vaginal contraction will be improved, which is closely associated with uterus health. So, getting into the habit of swimming two hours one week will keep uterus younger.


3. Practicing yoga to regulate uterus

Yoga can regulate uterus while taking physical fitness. Keeping practicing yoga can help expand chest and massage belly to spur blood and Qi balanced to further nourish uterus.(Qi is the energy of the body, of the meridians, of food, of the universe. While it may seem a nebulous topic there are refined theories regarding the different types of Qi within the body, the creation and actions of Qi and, consequently, ways to determine where imbalances may arise.)


4. Replacing vehicles with foot

Take 200 to 400 fast steps every day and stand up to walk ten minutes after one hours work in daily life, which will keep obstructed blood and free flow of Qi, avoid endometrium hyperplasia, and some severe gynecological diseases like endometriosis, adenomyosis. Such uterine diseases will be difficult to get cured unless you can find out the suitable treatment as soon as possible once diagnose. By the way, herbs are good choices for female diseases related to uterus because they are free of side effects and compatible to body, such as Fuyan Pill.


5. Doing uterine setting-up exercise to maintain your uterus

Stay posing as follows for 5 five minutes: being on your knees in the bed and keeping waists straight and upright, then leaning forward and making both chest and face clinging to bed. You persist it three times one week, uterine contraction strengthening, then the endometrium shed normally during your period as it should. In this way, the problems like painful menstruation will reduced and the blood and qi stagnation as well as the impurity of blood will be relieved.

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