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Does Colpomycosis Impact on the Pregnancy?

There’s a group of people who are going to get pregnant, and they’re going to go through all sorts of tests and find out that they have fungal vaginitis. With very panic, they think that their preparation for pregnant is all wasted and even will it affect pregnancy? Here’s how to solve the confusion of these expectant mothers.

Let's first look at the symptoms of fungal vaginitis, which is also known as candida vaginitis. Symptoms are mainly external itching. There are more white bean residue like leucorrhea is the main symptoms of the disease. Maybe accompanied by external burning, urgency of urination, urination pain and pain during sexual intercourse. 
When the symptom is serious, one can sit restlessly, with painful abnormal discomfort. Examination shows vulva swelling, the skin can be stripped off, there may be scratches. The inner side of the labia minora and vaginal mucosa are covered with white membrane, and the redness and swelling of the vaginal mucosa or erosive surface and superficial ulcer can be seen after erasure. Typical leucorrhea is white, curd shape and bean dregs kind, have stink slightly.
Mycotic vaginitis has certain effect on pregnancy 
A lot of people worry about mycotic vaginitis to be able to bring about infertility, so what scientific basis does this statement have? Vagina under normal circumstance has a relatively safe environment, the flora is relatively stable, the PH is relatively balanced, this “environment” is suitable for sperm temporary retention. Sperm through the environment is very important, once the environment is destroyed, infertility is prone to occur.
If you have mycotic vaginitis, changes in vaginal PH can inhibit sperm motility, and inflammatory cells can engulf sperm, coupled with the onset of sexual pain and loss of libido, can affect normal pregnancy. 
But the infertility that mycotic vaginitis brings about is temporary, after the disease is cured, one still can conceive. If the infertile women suffer from mycotic vaginitis during pregnancy preparation, active treatment can be conducted under the guidance of the doctor, and pregnancy preparation can be done again after the condition is cured.
Mycotic vaginitis requires a doctor to do an examination on it, infertile females shouldn’t be anxious about it. You can take Fuyan Pill for treatment which is a natural herbal medicine with no side effects on the body, you don’t need to worry about the impact on the pregnancy. 
Taking the medication for 1-3 months can heal permanently, because the bactericidal power of Fuyan Pill is very strong that it can kill all sorts of bacteria or virus in 3 months or so, like mycoplasma, chlamydia, and make gonorrhea turns negative, fight hyperplasia, fight fiber annulus, and dredge fallopian tube. It can relieve pain and adjust menstruation. Also it can be a very good treatment of cervical, uterine, pelvic, ovarian inflammation, and restore the health of women. 
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