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Can Patients with Colpitis Mycotica for Many Years Take Herba Houttuynia?

Can patient with mildew for many years take herbal houttuynia? ( Refer to WikiPedia on what this herb is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houttuynia_cordata)  Here is a patient with mycotic vaginitis who came to our outpatient clinic and asked Dr. Lee about it.



It is reported that the patient has been infected with fungal vaginitis for mant years, tried a lot of drug treatment, but always repeatedly failed to cure.


Recently, she has heard an old lady said that herbal houttuynia can treat it. However, her house is not far from the outpatient department, so she came there to have a consultation.


So, should patient with Colpitis Mycotica for many years take cordate houttuynia? In fact, fungal is a common clinical cause of many disease, such as her fungal vaginitis. Whether herbal houttuynia can treat the disease or not depends on the pesticide effect of it.



We can analyze the efficacy of houttuynia to see if it can play a role in mycotica.
Herbal houttuynia has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, reducing swelling and treating sores, diuresis and dehumidification, and can resist bacteria and viruses while enhancing the immunity of patients.


The main treatment of mycotica is in its antibacterial function. Studies have shown that a kind of yellow oily substance is extracted from houttuynia has an inhibitory effect on various microorganisms, especially yeast and fungal, as well as hemolytic streptococcus and staphylococcus aureus. Therefore, from the perspective of the efficacy of houttuynia, it can act on mycotica.


However, it doesn’t mean that it will cure the disease just because its work on Colpitis Mycotica. In the daily treatment of chemical medicine, we will also find that for the treatment of a disease, several drugs are combined to treat it as the same time. So does the TCM fomula.


Houttuynia is a natural herbal medicine, and its efficacy is often limited in treatment. Therefore, multiple ingredients should combined with the complete prescription of the same group, so as to be more effective in treatment. Fuyan Pill is a better way to cure the disease.



In addition to houttuynia, Fuyan Pill is also combination of radix scutellariae, licorice and other heat-clearing and detoxification herbs, so that its sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect is more obvious.


In addition, when there is a Mycotica infection, the patient will appear some symptom, such as abnormal leucorrhea, urinate frequency or urgency and ache, ect.. In the Fuyan Pill of complete prescription, it also has the medicaments that invigorates blood to change stasis and the spleen to damp elimination, such as peach seed, poria, which can effectively treat disease.


For fungal infected patients, only the complete prescription for comprehensive regulation can be very good to achieve the purpose of cure. But only a single herb cannot be comprehensive, it is very easy to lead to the recurrence of the disease.


This is especially the case with fungal infection for many years. It is suggested that hottuynia should only be used as auxiliary drug and other drugs should be selected along as the main treatment medicine.


The patient who was mentioned at the beginning of the article has finally received the treatment of Fuyan Pill under the advice of Dr. Lee. At present, nearly two courses of medicine have been taken. According to her feedback, the symptoms have almost disappeared, and we suggest another course to consolidate the treatment. Wish her a quick recovery!

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