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How much do You Know about the Harm of Cystitis in Women?

The bladder explosion caused by suppressing urinary has not happened once or twice. ( Popular Science also has article about Can a Balder Actually Burst ) The cause of a full bladder is also caused by various trivial matters. There is a tendency to finish things rather than to urinate, and there is a morning sleep that is awakened by micturition desire.

Or you have to suppress urinary because of your living condition. In short, this unintentional suppressing urinary habit makes the urocystitis more closer to us, especially in women. The cystitis is more harmful.
Female white-collar workers have long-term suppressing urinary caused acute cystitis
Shirley is a beautiful white-collar and facade manager of an advertising planning company. She is often busy with her own planning work and needs to take time to accompany customers to hold meeting and discuss plans. That is to say, she is often unable to squeeze time to go to the toilet, often it is only a urgency to piss first.  After a long time, she could spare no time to go to the toilet. Shirley could only reduce the number of drinking water. 
So after some time, Shirley finally felt that she could take a break. But she found that she had a tendency to go to the toilet even though she didn’t drink water and in addition to urinary urgency, it is even more uncomfortable that Shirley found that she had intermittent hematuria and dysuria.
In order to find out the cause, Shirley came to the hospital for urology examination and found that she was suffering from acute cystitis due to holding back urine. In this regard, the doctor also made it clear that the sedentariness and suppressing urinary of urban female white-collar workers are the chief culprit of cystitis. 
Because women have short urethra which closes to the vagina, they are more prone to cystitis. Sedentariness causes pathogenic bacteria to infect the vagina, inducing cystitis, and suppressing urinary directly, makes the urine concentration in the bladder suitable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria. The harmful effects on female with cystitis are more far-reaching.
How much harm does female cystitis have?
The first risk of female cystitis, in the acute period, often causes female urinary tract pain, burning sensation, urinary urgency, seriously can also lead to urinary difficulties in women, and even accompanied by lower abdominal pain at the end of urination. Most of the urine is cloudy and there is hematuria.  
Some female patients may have mild low back pain. When the bladder inflammation is confined to the bladder mucosa, female patients may also have fever symptoms, urinary leukocytosis, and fatigue. 
Secondly, the risk of cystitis in women can also lead to fibrosis of the bladder. The fibrotic bladder will reduces the bladder capacity, and sometimes even the ureteral urine may produce reflux, causing kidney edema and inflammation in women.  
When the urine is raised, the pain in the urethra and the perineum will be doubled. Only after the urination will the pain be slightly relieved. In addition, the various stresses in life make the mental status in an anxious and nervous state, which will aggravate the cystitis disease or cause recurrence. Therefore, it is best for women not to develop habits of suppressing urinary in the daily life. If there is a micturition desire, one should go to toilet as soon as possible, lest to cause unbearable consequences.
In addition to frequent urination, urgency, and dysuria in most women, the risk of cystitis in women can cause pelvic pain in women. When these women have sexual intercourse, pelvic pain is particularly noticeable. Given that female cystitis is not only harmful to affect the order of life but also the family. Therefore, for women with cystitis, it is necessary to find out the cause of cystitis and promptly get necessary treatment, while improving the resistance of the body, in order to control infection more effectively and prevent recurrent attacks. 
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