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What are the symptoms of cervicitis? Treatment of cervicitis

Cervicitis is a common gynecological inflammation. Many women suffer from cervicitis without timely treatment, which may causes female infertility. And it not only hurts themselves, but also affects the whole family. What are the symptoms of cervicitis? Understanding the symptoms of cervicitis will help female patients to do preventive work. 

What are the symptoms of cervicitis?
1.Vaginal discharge abnormalities: gynecological examination found that for chronic cervicitis, female patients often show increased leucorrhea, and sometimes even it is the only symptoms. The leucorrhea is usually viscous or purulent, and sometimes there is a small amount of blood in the secretions, and there may be contact vaginal discharge.
2. Genital itching: chronic cervicitis episodes, long-term stimulation of chronic inflammation, secretions continue to increase, it is likely to cause genital itching.
3. Pain symptoms: women with chronic cervicitis often have lower abdominal or lumbosacral pain. In every menstrual period, defecation movements or sexual life it will be aggravated, when the inflammation spread, the pain will be more severe, and sometimes even affect sexual life.
4. Bladder symptoms: after the onset of chronic cervicitis and the inflammation spread, it can cause bladder symptoms. Female patients often show frequent urination, dysuria and so on. A secondary urinary tract infection occurs when inflammation spreads or passes through the lymphatic pathway that connects the cervix to the trigone of the bladder and the ureter.
5. Intestinal symptoms: women with chronic cervicitis, sometimes manifested as intestinal symptoms, anal pain when defecation.
6. Other symptoms: women with chronic cervicitis can also be manifested as other symptoms, such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic heaviness, infertility and so on.
Treatment of cervicitis
Cervicitis, that is, the inflammation of the cervix. Because the location is in the cervix, the treatment is not as easy as the inflammation of the trauma. If the harm of the internal inflammation is not treated, it will have serious consequences, so all should be treated. 
There are several hazards which all caused by no treatment: chronic cervicitis leads to infertility; chronic cervicitis leads to complications or deep lesions. Patients with discomfort should be treated promptly, not to be careless. 
At present, for the early and middle stages of cervicitis, medication can be taken, especially the TCM formula Fuyan Pill. The treatment of natural herbal medicine has less side effects on the body. During treatment, it is necessary to lighten the diet, do personal hygiene, actively use contraceptive, and reduce unnecessary abortion.
Warm tips:
Symptoms of cervicitis are many. If female patients find any of the above-mentioned adverse symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to avoid the deterioration of the condition and serious consequences. 
At the same time, preventive work in daily life also is important, women should pay attention to menstrual hygiene as so to fundamentally avoid the occurrence of cervicitis.

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