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Oophoritis: Why it Happens and How it is Treated?

The causes of ovarian inflammation are as follows: 

1. Women do not pay attention to menstrual hygiene or personal hygiene, and it leads to ovarian inflammation. Sexual intercourse during menstrual period or unclean sexual intercourse, frequent sexual intercourse, they all lead to germs into the body and ascend to the ovaries causing inflammation.
2. Other parts of the body have infected lesions, such as acute appendicitis, colonic diverticulitis, etc., without prompt treatment of elimination, the pathogen can be transmitted by blood and cause acute oophoritis. 
3. Due to the decreased resistance after childbirth or induced abortion, the germs ascend through the vagina and uterus to infect and spread to the fallopian tubes (Major Symptoms of Fallopian Tube Blockage) and ovaries, causing ovarian inflammation. 
4. As a result of uterine cavity operation, and without strict disinfection, it can lead to ovarian inflammation. Such as cervical tube treatment, aspiration, salpingo-hysterography, tubal drainage and other surgical infections. 
5. Acute oophoritis is caused by direct infection when inflammation occurs in the adjacent organs of the pelvis or fallopian tubes. Inflammation generally occurs in the adjacent side of the fallopian tube and ovary.
6. In recent years, due to the wide use of intrauterine device, and the ineffective sterilization of intrauterine device during implementation of surgical operation, many acute oophoritis occurred as a result. The pathogen is sometimes actinomycetes. 
7. After sexually transmitted disease infection, gonococci spread upward along the mucosa, causing acute ovarian inflammation. 
8. In the gynecological surgery, due to inadvertent injury to the intestinal tract; or inadvertent puncture to the uterus during suction curettage of infectious abortion, resulting in severe peritonitis, then inflammation spread to the ovaries. 
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