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Special Care Tips for Cervicitis Patients

Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease. There are acute and chronic symptoms, which will cause female infertility and cervical cancer, and it is the gynecological disease women fear the most. Cervicitis is extremely difficult to cure, so special care is needed.

1. Psychological care: the drug effect on chronic cervicitis is not noticible in general, and may be cancerous. Therefore, the patient's mental pressure is immense and it is easy to arouse the patient and family’s concerns and anxiety.
Therefore, it is necessary in understanding the patient's psychological problems in the treatment process. We should target to the psychological counseling, such as long treatment time, infertility and so on. To help patients build confidence in treatment, and remind them to have regular reviews.
2. Treatment of cure: postoperative care of physical therapy. There may be some bleeding when the scab is removed 1 ~ 2 weeks after the operation. In-tub baths, sexual intercourse, and vaginal irrigation are forbidden during the period of wound healing (4-8 weeks) to avoid bleeding and infection. 
Physical therapy is contraindicated for patients with acute genital inflammation.
Regular examination is required after treatment. The first time is generally 2 months after the operation. After menstruation, re-examination is conducted to observe wound healing until recovery. It should be checked if there are carotid stenosisduring reexamination.
3. Drug treatments: Fuyan Pill can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses. So that it can eliminate pain and treat cervicitis and other gynecological diseases, mycoplasma, and prevent recurrence.
Fuyan Pill consists of 50 herbal medicine ingredients. This prescription is based on 30 years of medical knowledge and clinical practice of Wuhan Dr.Lee. 

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