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What Food Is Good for Pruritus Vulvae?

Pruritus vulvae is a common symptom in gynecological diseases. The vulva is a sensitive part of women. Many diseases can cause pruritus vulvae, which will make women's life uneasier. Pruritus vulvae usually occurs between a clitoris and labia vulvae. Besides regular treatment, it is also very important in the diet. It is important to ensure a healthy diet and supplement vitamin C.  


Many women suffer from pruritus vulvae interference and many gynecological diseases cause pruritus vulvae. Therefore, attention should be paid to normal life. In the usual diet, we should ensure a balanced diet, eat less with more time, pay attention to improving immunity, and avoid the lack of trace elements. Women with pruritus vulvae should try to eat more crude fiber foods, such as cereal and corn, to speed up the body's aging so that the symptoms of pruritus vulvae can be alleviated.  



When female patients suffer from pruritus vulvae symptoms, patients should first improve the body's immunity. The female dietary principle of pruritus vulvae is to ensure a balanced nutrition, eat less and eat more meals, eat as light as possible, if the body's immunity is low, it is easy to infect various diseases, and pay attention to water supplementation at ordinary times, but also To avoid the lack of trace elements, special attention should be paid to the lack of calcium and iron.


Women with pruritus vulvae can usually eat more crude fibers, crude fibers can help the normal metabolism of the body, women if defecation is not smooth, the body will be more likely to deposit toxins, so it will lead to poor body quality, when women with pruritus vulvae phenomenon should eat more crude fibers of food, than For example, women can eat more red beans, corn and so on.

They can also eat more sweet potatoes. Crude fiber food helps the movement of the intestines and stomach, speeds up the metabolism of the body, thus reducing diseases. Female patients also need to take adequate vitamin C supplementation at ordinary times. Vitamin C is very good for people's health. So women can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to improve the content of vitamin C in their bodies. Especially for some women with pruritus vulvae, vitamin C supplementation can help alleviate pruritus. Moreover, vitamin C supplementation can help alleviate pruritus. These foods will not react with drugs and can be eaten at ease. Female vulvar pruritus brings great pain to female patients. In addition to treatment, more attention should be paid to diet.
Female patients should pay attention to improving their immunity and avoid a lack of trace elements. Besides, they can eat more crude fiber foods, such as sweet potatoes, and so on. Quick metabolism of the body helps to relieve the symptoms of pruritus vulvae.  
In addition to dietary attention, vulvar pruritus should also pay attention to timely treatment. Different types of vaginitis can be treated with systemic or local medicine, or with lotion to wash the vagina; for basic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, diabetes mellitus should be actively treated to eliminate the incentives; vaginitis in young women should keep the vulva clean and dry, and use routine drug treatment; and senile vaginitis should be replaced by estrogen. Women with vaginitis can be symptomatic treatment with herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.
Fuyan Pill has strong bactericidal power. It can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses in about 3 months, turn mycoplasma, chlamydia and gonorrhea negative, resist proliferation and fibrosis, dredge oviduct, and achieve amazing effects of pain relief and menstruation regulation. It can treat the inflammation of the cervix, uterus, pelvic cavity, ovary and so on, relieve the pain of women compatriots.

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