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How Are Females Supposed to Treat Vulvar Pruritus?

Vulvar pruritus mainly occurs in women's vagina or labia and other female genital organs, sometimes you can feel intolerable itching. Vulvar pruritus mostly occurs more in the evening and becomes much more serious during menstruation. Is there any good treatment to alleviate it?




1. Attention to Personal Hygiene


In our daily life, we should change our underwear frequently, cotton and breathable material is the first choice. We should clean our vulva every day with warm water and avoid using soap, so as not to lead any damage to our vagina. During themenstruation, we should keep our vulva clean and change the sanitary cotton more frequently.


2. No scratching


Vulvar Pruritus is difficult to endure, many women will scratch, this is very incorrect behavior. Scratching not only alleviates the itching situation, but may be able to expand the scope of infection, leading to a larger area infected, washing with hot water will make itching more serious to endure. When vulvar pruritus attacks, you can take sitz bath with potassium permanganate, but do not wash with it on local place directly.



3. Eating Less Spicy Foods


Eat less spicy, fried and other kinds of unhealthy foods that are easy to cause internal heat should be avoided. In addition, alcohol and smoking should also be prohibited, otherwise it is easy to cause more serious allergies.


4. Keep a Positive Attitude


Keeping in a good mood can relieve tension and anxiety, or use some sedatives appropriately, which can effectively alleviate vulvar pruritus.


5. Attention to public hygiene


After the occurrence of pruritus vulvae, special attention should be paid to the disinfection of personal clothing, beds and so on, and appropriate reduction of the use of public bathtubs, toilets and other public appliances to prevent the occurrence of vulvar pruritus.




If the condition of vulvar Pruritus is serious, and there is skin damage, or even infection, then it is best to go to the hospital for examination, do not abuse anti-pruritus drugs, otherwise not only can it not treat pruritus, but also may cause vulvar pruritus. Daily attention should also be paid to the recurrence of the disease.



Chemical medicine is an effective way to relieve itching quickly. However, appropriate drugs should be selected for treatment according to the specific situation. If the vulvar pruritus caused by trichomonas, fungal infection or diabetes mellitus should be treated symptomatically, the symptoms of stable pruritus can also be relieved if the primary disease is cured or controlled.


Therefore, patients with frequent vulvar pruritus had better see a doctor in time to find out the cause of the disease before targeted treatment. In sever cases, the doctor may advise a surgical treatment.


TCM believes that dampness and internal heat and deficiency of Yin are the causes of female vulvar pruritus. From the perspective of dialectical treatment, the occurrence of vulvar pruritus is closely related to liver, spleen, kidney and other organs. The treatment of vulvar pruritus mainly focuses on invigorating liver and kidney, clearing internal heat and removing dampness.


The representative medicines are Fuyan Pill of Dr.Lee, there are many natural herbs in it, such as honeysuckle, scutellaria baicalensis and gardenia, having the functions of clearing away internal heat and detoxification, nourishing the spleen and disinhibiting dampness. Fuyan Pill can eliminate the focus inside the body, sterilize, and eliminate inflammation and relieve itching, thus restoring the health of the body and treat diseases fundamentally. 


There are many ways to treat vulvar pruritus, but being treated with medication blindly will only aggravate the condition, so before treatment, we must first go to the regular hospital and find out the causes of vulvar pruritus, in order to promote recovery.

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