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Five Reasons for Recurrent Vaginitis

Recurrent vaginitis brings a lot of troubles to most women, which has negative effects on your normal work and life. Moreover, vaginitis causes great harm to women's health and it also makes women's resistance and immunity decline, vulnerable to the virus. So what are the causes of recurrent vaginitis?

1. Soap, antibiotics, primitive cleaning methods
Some women wash their vulva with soap and bath lotion, or even bathe in antibiotics, resulting in an unbalanced flora of their vagina. Although they can temporarily alleviate symptoms, it can not solve the problem fundamentally, resulting in repeated attacks of vaginitis. 
Women should also pay great attention to vaginal health before and after menstruation. They should get through the weakest stage of the female immune cycle through scientific washing methods and reasonable washing habits.
2. Unhygienic sexual life
The unhygienic sexual life causes foreign bacteria to be brought into the vagina, and the alkaline semen changes the normal vaginal environment, which leads to the recurrence of vaginitis. Japanese researchers believe that the recurrence rate of vaginitis caused by sex is as high as 90%. In Korea, it is the common responsibility of couples to clean each other before sex.
However, in China, less than 1% of them take the initiative to clean up. It can be seen that for the sake of health, attention should be paid to cleanliness and hygiene before and after sexual life.
3. Staying up late, overwork and an unhealthy lifestyle 
Vaginitis is also a kind of "lifestyle disease", because of the pressure of life and work, frequent social interaction and staying up late, people often work overtime, the biological clock is disturbed, private immunity is declining, harmful bacteria are taking advantage of the occasion to invade, even if we pay attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times, but if the resistance is poor, it is easily infected. 
It is suggested that women should keep a relaxed mind and keep an optimistic attitude towards life so that their physical resistance will increase so as to stay away from the diseases.
4. Arbitrary medication treatment and untimely treatment
In fact, there are many kinds of vaginitis, including trichomonal vaginitis, candidal vaginitis, gonococcal vaginitis, non-specific vaginitis and so on, are common with a high rate of incidence. Therefore, the diagnosis and treatment of the disease are very crucial for recovery.
Most women do not pay enough attention to vaginitis. In addition, some women like to go to the pharmacy to buy some lotion and other drugs and miss the best opportunity for treatment, resulting in more severe conditions. If vaginitis is not completely cured in the acute stage, it will become persistent and recurrent, it is suggested that women should go to the regular hospitals to receive regular treatment in time when they are ill.
If you suffer from vaginitis, you can take conservative natural medicine, such as Fuyan Pill, which is a typical medicine in the treatment of vaginitis. It consists of various natural herbs, such as honeysuckle, poria cocos, and scutellaria, which can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria and pathogens, etc. Fuyan Pill can also help patients regulate menstruation and abnormal leucorrhea, and eliminate discomfort and other symptoms.
5. The incomplete course of medication and insufficient attention to treatment
The incomplete course is the most common cause for recurrent vaginitis, some patients stop medication without authorization when their symptoms are alleviated. As a result, the bacteria are inhibited and the disease has not been completely cured. When the vaginal PH value changes, vaginitis will recur again. Some patients change medication frequently when the curative effect is not good, and diet is not paid attention to. It is also the main reason why vaginitis can not be cured for a long time.

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