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Is It an Abnormal Bleeding Or Heavy Menstruation?

Menstruation is the normal exfoliation of endometrium caused by hormone changes, which leads to bleeding.

But at other times, bleeding may occur in the uterus, it is similar to menstruation, so some female often mix up the abnormal bleeding and menstruation, which makes patients unable to get timely diagnosis and treatment, and because there are many possible factors of abnormal bleeding, it needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.
1. Characteristics of menstruation
Regular cycle
Women's menstrual cycle may be different in length of time, but most of them is stable.
Every woman's menstrual bleeding has its own characteristics. Most women's menstrual bleeding begins with drip bleeding, the amount of bleeding increases within one to two days, then decreases gradually, and ends with drip bleeding.
Stable bleeding time
Menstrual bleeding usually lasts for 5 to 7 days and does not bleed for a month. Women with hormone imbalance or other health problems may bleed for a month with drip bleeding.
Menstrual bleeding is usually accompanied by other symptoms, the hormonal changes can cause symptoms such as breast pain and headache about a week before menstruation. When uterine contractions drain the endometrium as blood, some women experience spasms in the lower abdomen from the severity of mild to severe.
Menstrual bleeding is usually red or dark red, which helps to distinguish between menstrual bleeding and non-menstrual bleeding, but blood may be brown at the beginning or end of menstruation. A large number of blood clots can be observed during menstruation, which is also the basis for distinguishing between menstrual bleeding and non-menstrual bleeding.
2. Characteristics of abnormal vaginal bleeding
Irregular bleeding time
Non-menstrual bleeding may be intermittent attacks, the bleeding may last for a day, though the bleeding stopped, but it will began to bleed later.
Stable menstrual cycle 
Some women have spotting bleed for one to two days during the ovulation period every month, while some drip bleeding is irregular. It may be associated with vaginal damage or other symptoms, including abdominal pain, etc.
Different color from that of normal menstrual bleeding
Part of non-menstrual bleeding is brown, the texture, consistency and odor of bleeding are different.
Hormonal contraceptives
Starting taking a new hormonal contraceptive may change the time and amount of bleeding.
Most of the time, abnormal bleeding may be caused by ovulation bleeding, implantation bleeding, abortion, damaged vaginal tissue during menopause or before menopause, sexually transmitted infections, or may be caused by endometriosis, vaginitis, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases. At this time, patients need to go to regular hospitals in time. 
In addition to receiving routine treatment, patients can also be treated by taking Fuyan Pill, which have the effects of activating blood circulation and removing the blood stasis, sterilizing and eliminating inflammation, and relieving patients’ pain. It can quickly eliminate the inflammation of female reproductive system without side effects.
In conclusion, menstruation and abnormal bleeding are very good to distinguish, because menstruation has a fixed time, and abnormalbleeding, often without signs, there is no fixed cycle. During menstruation, the color of menstrual blood is very little dark red, mostly bright red. The latter is much darker.
In addition, normal menstruation is very regular, usually 6 days or so can end, but abnormalbleeding does not have a certain time, may end in 2 to 3 days, also may not end in 10 days or 8 days. Menstruation can cause mild dysmenorrhea, while abnormal bleeding can cause fever, low back pain, or abdominal pain.
It is not difficult to distinguish abnormal bleeding from menstruation. I hope that all female friends can pay attention to their menstruation, do not confuse abnormalbleeding with menstruation, if you find that their "menstruation" is not normal, please see a doctor as soon as possible. And develop good living and eating habits, conducive to the recovery of the disease.

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