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What Causes Dyspareunia in Women?

Dyspareunia refers to the discomfort or even pain that women feel during or after sexual intercourse, some women will have the symptoms shortly after marriage, sometimes it will follow women all the time, and sometimes this symptom only occurs in some women during peri-menopausal period. Dyspareunia not only occurs in the vulva, but sometimes it can also appear in the vagina, and even affect the abdomen, waist, and back.

Dyspareunia can occur during intercourse, or after intercourse, or even several hours or days after intercourse. Once dyspareunia occurs between husband and wife, if it is not treated in time, it will not only affect the normal sexual life between the couples, affecting sexual pleasure but also will increase women’s fear about sexual intercourse, leading to sexual chills, and ultimately have a negative impact on the relations between husband and wife.

1. Physiological dyspareunia
When people have sexual impulses, the sexual organ will be congested, there will be varying degrees of stress, contraction or spasm in the pelvic tissue, this is called physiological dyspareunia, it usually occurs suddenly. In addition, there are some women who are allergic to men's semen, causing systemic symptoms, accompanied by allergic abdominal pain and so on.
Prostaglandins in semen can also cause uterine contraction and abnormal discomfort in women. If there are uterus retroversion or the ovary, tubes and bladder are being compressed by gravity, or the organ position changes have a pulling effect on the surrounding tissues can also lead to dyspareunia.
Generally speaking, the above symptoms of dyspareunia often occur in the first sexual intercourse, due to lack of sexual experience, as the sexual experience is rich, these symptoms will gradually ease.
2. Disease
In addition to physiological causes, some diseases can also cause symptoms of dyspareunia. Inflammation is more common, such as vulvitis and vaginitis, vestibular gland infection, endometritis, adnexitis, cystitis and so on. Uterine fibroids, pelvic tumors and other causes pelvic congestion, leading to dyspareunia, but patients are often accompanied by menstrual disorders, abnormal leucorrhea and other symptoms.
Therefore, once you find that you have abnormal symptoms during sex, accompanied by other physical discomforts, you should go to the regular hospital in time and receive treatment actively. 
If you have vaginitis, endometritis and other gynecological inflammation, in addition to the conventional treatment, you can also choose the natural medicine Fuyan Pill to treat, the natural herbs in the formula not only have the effects of sterilization, anti-inflammation, clearing away heat and toxic material, and can thoroughly eliminate inflammation in female reproductive system. Left untreated, it can only lead to a more serious condition.
For women who are in the perimenopausal period, they will also have dyspareunia due to the low estrogen levels with the decline of ovarian function, thinning of vaginal mucosa and decrease of secretions. In this case, you can fully arouse women's sexual excitement by improving the time and quality of preparation of sex. When it is necessary, you can continue to have a normal sexual life with the help of artificial lubricants.

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