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Holistic Natural Technique of Handling Chronic Cervicitis

At present, cervical diseases have become the number one enemy of women's health. More and more women are being tortured by it. Chronic cervicitis is a gynecological disease with an extremely high rate of incidence, how should we avoid it? which treatment of chronic cervicitis is better? To find out the answers to these questions, we should know what causes chronic cervicitis first.

What is the cause of chronic cervicitis?
1. Sexually transmitted diseases(STDs)
If there are some unhygienic sexual behaviors, or if your partner has carried some chlamydia trachomatis, herpes simplex virus and mycoplasma genitalium, all of these can cause chronic cervicitis.
2. Pathogens inside your body
Many of the vaginal diseases caused by the pathogens will metastasize to other parts, which is one of the causes of chronic inflammation of the cervix.
How is the treatment of chronic inflammation of the cervix better?
1. Drug treatment 
The commonly used drugs for cervicitis are mainly natural medicine and chemical medicine. The common drug types of chemical medicine are antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, the dosage of such drugs should not be abused and the course should not be too long. Otherwise, the pathogenic bacteria will easily develop drug resistance, the effect of the disease will not be so obvious.
Natural medicine treatment of cervicitis is generally more effective with drugs such as Fuyan Pill, it consists of angelica sinensis, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, banksia rose, corydalis, honeysuckle and other herbs which have effects of anti-inflammation and sterilization, it can treat the inflammation of the cervix, uterus, pelvis, ovary, etc. well, and patients are not easy to relapse after being cured. But don't be blind when choosing the drug, you should choose the proper therapy depending on your condition.
However, for patients with a more severe conditions, medication is not recommended, because the drug treatment effect is not so ideal for this kind of patient, and it may delay the best time of treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to choose physical therapy for severe cervicitis.
2. Physical therapy
Physical therapy is a widely used treatment for women with cervicitis. This physical therapy has two major advantages, short course and better curative effect, which is better for  female with severe conditions. The common methods of physical therapy include electrocautery, laser treatment or cryotherapy. However, there are still disadvantages of physical therapy which can not be neglected, the high recurrence rate of female cervicitis.
3. Surgery
Surgical treatment of cervicitis in women includes cervical conization, for patients with severe erosion, deep erosive surface and papillary erosion or other treatments are all ineffective, then cervical conization may be considered.
1. Regular gynecological examination
Cervicitis is sometimes difficult to distinguish from cervical cancer at the early stage in the usual way. Married women with chronic cervicitis should have a cervical smear at least once a year for the cytological examination so as to find abnormalities at the early stage and receive prompt treatment.
2. Good hygiene habits
Patients with cervicitis need to pay attention to sexual hygiene, moderate sexual contact to prevent cervicitis, extramarital sex, and sex during menstruation is absolutely avoided. 
3. Contraception
Prompt and effective contraceptive measures to reduce the incidence of abortion and induced labor is needed for the prevention of cervicitis, which is conducive to reducing the risk of damage and bacterial infection. After the childbirth, abortion, cervical physical therapy, the infection should be prevented, and sexual life should be avoided in the short term as well.

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