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Sugar-addicted Women are More Likely to Suffer from Vaginitis?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has investigated the causes of death in 23 countries and concluded that sugar is more harmful than smoking. Long-term consumption of foods with high sugar content can shorten your life span significantly, the slogan of "abstaining from sugar" is also put forward. Studies have found that women who often overeat sugar are susceptible to a variety of diseases, including vaginitis.

Almost all patients know that one of the causes of vaginitis is closely related to personal hygiene. However, experts pointed out that although personal hygiene is an important factor that induces vaginitis, many people usually ignore another important factor, which is an addiction to desserts.
In clinical diagnosis, it is found that many women who are susceptible to gynecological diseases have significantly higher blood sugar or urine sugar than levels of normal women. When 90% of patients reduce their daily sugar intake, candidal vaginitis infection or recurrence is rare within one year. The statistics indicate that sugar intake is closely related to Candida infection.
Experts suggest that biphasic bacteria are responsible for Candida vaginitis and the acidic environment is suitable for its growth. About 30% of pregnant women and 10% - 20% of non-pregnant women have this bacterial parasite in the vagina, but only when their systemic and local cellular immunity of vagina decreases, will there be obvious symptoms. Especially when women have high blood sugar or urine sugar due to high sugar, the vaginal glycogen increases, and the acidity increases, so that yeasts multiply in large quantities, resulting in other diseases.
Recently, a survey on the website of Doctor of Internet Medicine in the United States showed that 86% of women who do sit-ups for a long time have a 55% lower incidence of gynecological diseases than those who do not do the exercise.
The benefits of sit-ups for women are obvious, it can improve their physical fitness in three ways. Firstly, exercise abdominal muscles, tighten abdominal muscles, and better protect the abdominal organs. Secondly, it can stretch your back muscles, ligaments, and spines. Thus regulate the central nervous system, improve physical resistance. Thirdly, it can exercise the groin. There are many capillaries and acupoints in the groin. Sit-ups can stimulate the blood vessels in the groin, accelerate blood flow, and treat and alleviate gynecological diseases.
If you have got vaginitis, it is suggested to go to the regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Besides, you can also try natural medicine Fuyan Pill to treat, the effects of clearing heat and detoxification,anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation are as good as the chemical medicine but it will not produce any side effects and drug resistance.
Preventions of vaginitis
1. Avoid overeating sweets
Too much sweet food will lead to excessive sugar and produce a lot of acid in the body, and will also change the normal weak acid environment in the vagina of women, resulting in excessive growth and reproduction of mold.
2. Avoid cleaning your privacy with soup
Many women wash their vulva with soap and shower lotion every day, which will dry the vulva, thus destroying the balance of vaginal flora. Therefore, the best way to care for privacy is to wash it with warm boiling water every day and less contact with bath products such as soap.
3. Avoid sedentary habits and cushions
To prevent vaginitis, we should avoid sitting for a long time, wearing tight pants and using pads, because these habits will lead to women's privacy often in a humid and warm environment, coupled with poor airflow and heat dissipation, especially suitable for the growth of fungi, over time, the vaginal flora will be imbalanced. 
Some cushions also add anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and other pharmaceutical ingredients. For healthy women, while killing vaginal pathogens, they will also damage the beneficial bacteria, leading to vaginal flora disorder. 

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