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How Can Moderate Cervicitis Get Away from Me?

Cervicitis is a common disease among women of childbearing age. There is acute and chronic cervicitis. Acute cervicitis is often accompanied by acute endometritis or acute vaginitis, but chronic cervicitis is more common. The main manifestations are increased leucorrhea, viscous mucus or purulent mucous, sometimes clamped with blood streak. 

Chronic mechanical stimulation is the leading cause of cervicitis. Generally speaking, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a precise examination and treatment. Don't blindly take medication, and it will only be just the opposite to what you wished. 
In general, increased leucorrhea is one of the typical symptoms of moderate cervicitis. It sometimes seems like milky white mucous or yellow purulent or the color of blood. Moderate cervicitis treatment methods include physical therapy, drug treatment according to different conditions.
It should be found in time and treated early. Besides, the diet should be light during the treatment. Pay attention to personal hygiene and keep clean is vital.
Long-term chronic irritation is the primary cause of moderate cervicitis. Patients usually have increased leucorrhea, which is purulent and harmful to women.
Usually, if a woman suffers from childbirth, abortion, puerperal infection, a surgical operation or mechanical stimulation, such as damage to the cervix during sex, the invasion of pathogens will lead to disease, resulting in cervicitis. While patients usually can not notice the signs of moderate cervicitis, so it results in delayed condition and harsh treatment.
If you are suffering from moderate cervicitis for a long time without treatment, you may lose the chance to get pregnant naturally. The condition will continue to aggravate, causing severe consequences, so the prompt detection of disease is necessary.
How to treat moderate cervicitis?
1) Physical therapy
Physiotherapy is a popular treatment for moderate cervicitis at present. Its curative effect is noticeable and pretty good. However, physical therapy may cause some cervical lesions and sequelae in women.
2) Drug therapy
Drug therapy is a conservative treatment for cervicitis. Compared with physiotherapy, it has fewer side effects and will not cause cervical damage. Therefore, at the beginning of treatment, many people like to choose this method of treatment. However, the impact of drug treatment is slow. For patients with moderate to severe cervicitis, the treatment time will be longer, so many patients are often difficult to insist on.
3) Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy
It is a relatively safe treatment method. The typical natural medicine Fuyan Pill can help patients to solve their troubles. It is natural and has no side effects. It can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear away heat and detoxification, kill bacteria,  and diminish inflammatory. It can treat cervicitis from the root, eliminating the discomfort of patients and other symptoms, and is not easy to recur.
Of course, the most effective way to get away from moderate cervicitis is to take preventive measures as far as possible.
1. The squamous epithelium of the cervix during the adolescent is not yet mature. Sex is natural to make the squamous cells fall off and cause cervicitis.
2. Unhygienic sexual life is easy to bring in a variety of pathogens, and induce cervicitis and even cervical cancer.
3. Pay attention to the cleaning of vulva and vagina. Women should nfection should be prevented after delivery, abortion and cervical physiotherapy, and sexual life should prevent avoided in the short term.
4. Avoid premature, excessive, and frequent birth and abortion. Both childbirth and abortion can cause cervical damage, thus providing an opportunity for bacterial invasion.
Besides, during the treatment, the patient's diet should be light, pay attention to personal hygiene, and keep clean. I wish you recover as soon as possible!

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