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Be Careful of Your Private Health When Enjoying Hot Springs

 Hot springs is undoubtedly a kind of enjoyment. It can relax the mood, alleviate fatigue, and also have a health-preserving effect. Who doesn't want it? 

The Benefits of hot springs:
1. Keep Fitness
2. Promote blood circulation
3. Maintain beauty and keep young
4. Activating collaterals, tendons, and bones
5. Diuresis

6. Lower the temperature
As we all know, hot springs can relieve pressure, sterilize, and even patients choose hot springs to treat skin diseases. Generally speaking, hot spring water is sterile. And it should be noted that three types of women are not suitable for hot springs.
1. Women who are in the first three months before pregnancy and after delivery.
2. Women after having gynecological surgery.
3. Women before and after menstruation.
So why do hot springs cause vaginitis?
1. Bacteria are easy to breed at low temperature
Hot springs can relieve pressure, sterilize, and even some patients with skin diseases choose medical hot springs for treatment. However, there are also some exceptions. If the temperature drops below 40 centigrade, it is beneficial to bacterial growth.

2. Stay in the hot springs for a long time
Because women's physical characteristics are different from that of men, if women stay in hot springs for too long, it is easy to destroy the normal acidity and probiotic ecology in the vagina, making the vagina vulnerable to infection and inflammation.
Experts said that one of the ways of vaginitis transmission is a sexual transmission, and the other is the bathing necessities for public use. It can be said that hot springs not only destroys the acid-base balance of the vagina but also makes it easier for bacteria to enter through the void. The dirty towels and toilets in public places are also vectors of disease transmission.
How to treat vaginitis after hot springs?
Once a woman has itching, secretions increase, and even secretions odor around your private parts, it is likely that she is suffering from vaginitis, which requires immediate treatment in a regular hospital. The conservative natural medicine Fuyan Pill is also an excellent treatment plan. It not only has a strong bactericidal effect but also can eliminate the inflammation. 
In addition, its formula also contains a variety of natural herbs with heat-clearing and detoxification, diuresis and drenching, blood-activating, qi-promoting, and pain-relieving effects. Do not buy medicines arbitrarily, in order to avoid harm and aggravation of the condition.
Finally, it is reminded that women to take adequate protective measures to avoid infection when enjoying hot springs. 

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