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Can Bacterial Vaginosis Be Radically Cured?
Bacterial vaginosis caused by the imbalance of vaginal microecology, which usually leads to an increase in vaginal discharge. When taking examinations at the hospital, generally, the doctor will undergo the bacterial vaginosis leucorrhea routine test. If the vaginal cleanliness test is between three and four degrees, it is abnormal vaginal discharge, indicating inflammation of the vagina.
Leucorrhea routine test is the detection of bacterial vaginosis and if infected with bacterial vaginosis, the vaginal discharge will smell bad. In addition, clue cells are also a way to check for bacterial vaginosis. Many bacteria will gather near the epithelial cells of the vagina, blurring the edges. This is the clue cell, and it is also the most sensitive and specific sign of bacterial vaginosis.
With the continuous development and progress of medicine, now there are many methods for clinical treatment of bacterial vaginosis, how can women get it treated? What should they pay attention to when there is a recurrent condition?
1. Standardize drug use
The use of antibiotics is very important in the treatment of gynecological inflammation. But at present, there is widespread abuse of antibiotics, which not only causes the bacteria to produce drug resistance, reduce the therapeutic effect, lead to the recurrence of inflammation and relapse of the disease but also easy to cause many adverse reactions and side effects, bring great harm to the body.
At the same time, it will reduce the body's immunity and resistance, leading to other diseases. It is not recommended to use a large number of broad-spectrum antibiotics for a long time to avoid causing dysbacteriosis of normal vaginal flora. According to the characteristics of patients, antibiotics and other drugs should be used, and the dosage of drugs should be strictly controlled.
And in the process of using drugs, patients can cooperate with a variety of physical therapy to enhance the efficacy of drugs. The common Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has a comprehensive formula, so it can effectively kill the bacteria in the affected area, inhibit the reproduction of the bacteria, prevent the pathological changes of other tissues, and eliminate the inflammation in the affected area.
Besides, it can help make menses regular and restore the normal leucorrhea, and relieve the pain of the patients. And there is no drug resistance and resistance, which can effectively inhibit residual lesions and ensure no recurrence. (Note: the cure standard for bacterial vaginosis is that the test result should be negative for at least three months.)
2. Private doctor system
The treatment of gynecological inflammation has a certain course of treatment, which often requires a follow-up visit. In the traditional gynecology inflammation treatment, doctors are often not same in the first visit and the second visit, different doctors have different familiarity with the patient's condition, and they have different treatment plans, which destroys the consistency and continuity of treatment, thus greatly reducing the effectiveness of treatment.
3. Individualized treatment
Traditional gynecological inflammatory treatment generally adopts a one size fits all method. No matter what kind of patients, the treatment scheme adopted is the same, no matter what kind of drugs are used, dosage, treatment course, etc., there is basically no change.
However, the condition of each patient is different, so the one size fits all treatment is not targeted, and the therapeutic effect is greatly reduced, which is also an important reason of long-term cure or frequent recurrence for many gynecological inflammations,However, traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is also good in this aspect, it adheres to the individualized prescription principle for different patients' condition and treatment efficacy is more targeted.
4. Good hygiene
Patients must carry out simultaneous treatment on their daily necessities. Towels and underpants can also be contaminated with pathogens if they are not treated simultaneously, and the achievements in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis will be wasted. Therefore, towels and underpants should be fully disinfected: boil for 15 minutes and put them in the sun to dry, and they should be placed in a ventilated and dry place in daily time.
Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that you have understood the method and principle of treating bacterial vaginosis, and I hope this article can be helpful to you. If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis now, do not delay the treatment, and I hope that you can recover as soon as possible.

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