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Folk Prescriptions for Bacterial Vaginitis

Vagina is an important part of female reproductive organs, which connects the uterus and external genitalia, and plays an important role in delivering menstruation, giving birth to fetus, having sexual intercourse and so on. Inflammation of the vagina occurs when the bacteria in the vagina is out of balance or when the mucous membrane of the vagina is damaged.


The main symptoms are increased leucorrhea, pain in sexual intercourse, strong odor of lower Yin, itching and so on. What can treat bacterial vaginitis effectively? It is recommended to treat it with traditional herbal medicine here. Traditional Chinese medicine is calm and peaceful, mostly made of natural plants with no side effects. Six Chinese herbal prescriptions suitable for bacterial vaginitis are recommended below.

1. Ginkgo egg

The white fruit and eggs are used to treat the increase of leucorrhea and the yellowish color. The ginkgo is peeled and the kernel is removed. A hole is made at one end of the egg, the white fruit is stuffed into the hole, and it is pasted with wet paper. After the eggs are cooked, they can be eaten. They are mainly used to treat the increase of leucorrhea and the yellow discharge and other symptoms caused by excessive fatigue.



2. Stewed pork trippled with plantain

First, clean the plantain herb and pork tripe, cut the tripe into small pieces, add water and salt, stew for 30 minutes, drink soup and eat tripe. Long-term use can treat the leucorrhea caused by various infections, yellowish discharge, and peculiar smell, etc.



3. Radish with vinegar

Squeeze the white radish into juice in advance for use. Wash the vagina with acetic acid every night, then scrub it with white radish juice, or scrub it in depth. This method can effectively treat pruritus of vulva, excessive leucorrhea and other symptoms.



4. Smashed Green radish

Clean the radish and mash it into a paste. Wrap about two spoonfuls of smashed radish with sterilized gauze and make it into a roll. Tie one end with a string. Clean the vagina with potassium permanganate solution, put the gauze into the vagina and pull it back and forth. Or when it is in autumn and winter, put it in vagina for about 1 hour to remove, this method can effectively treat trichomonal vaginitis.



5. Verbena with pig liver

Prepare 60 grams of pig liver and 30 grams of Verbena, cut them into small pieces, mix them well, cover them with a bowl and steam for 30 minutes. This method can effectively treat vulvar pruritus, leucorrhea and so on. It has the effect of clearing away heat, detoxification and removing dampness.



6. Garlic juice

Remove the skin and mash the garlic, add boiling water to boil to soup, and wash the vulva with garlic juice 2-3 times a day, which is very effective in the treatment of vulva pruritus and trichomonal vaginitis.


In the treatment of bacterial vaginitis, we should pay more attention to eating light food, not drinking, not smoking, not eating spicy food, and eating more food with light infiltration and dehumidification, such as wax gourd, watermelon, red bean and so on, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease.

In addition, pay attention to the cleanness and hygiene of private places and change underwear frequently every day. Faceclothes  and bath towels should be washed regularly or put in the sun to dry. They can't be dried in the dark and airless place. In this way, the germs are not eliminated completely, easy to recur and bring unnecessary trouble to you.

If you have those symptoms, you should go to a professional hospital in time. Only if you find them early and treat them early, can the damage to your body be minimized.


Bacterial vaginitis is mainly caused by deficiency of Qi and blood and hot and humid injection, which is difficult to be cured by general drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "Qi is the guard of blood, and blood is the mother of Qi". The long-term deficiency of Qi and blood leads to the lingering bacterial vaginitis, which causes great mental pressure and pain to patients.

Modern medicine mainly adopts such anti-inflammatory and bactericidal treatment methods as infusion and drug application, which not only can not be cured, but also results in drug resistance due to the long-term use of antibiotics, thus increasing the difficulty of treatment. It must be treated correctly to achieve the goal of radical cure.

In order to cure bacterial vaginitis thoroughly, you can take Fuyan Pill, which is a herbal medicine. It has strong bactericidal power, and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, strengthening the spleen and promoting dampness, and can help patients recover health.

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