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Can a Person Who Has Bacterial Vaginosis Drink Alcohol?

Bacterial vaginitis (BV) is a kind of syndrome caused by a mixed infection of vagina Gartner bacteria and some anaerobic bacteria, which leads to the imbalance of micro ecological balance in vagina, increase of vagina secretion, fishy smell of leucorrhea and burning of vulva pruritus.


People with bacterial vaginitis should pay attention to their diet, eat more light food, no fish or meat, bacteria. Can a person who has BV drink alcohol?


During the period of suffering from BV, spicy food and alcohol are suppsed to be prohibited, because spicy food and alcohol will lead to the aggravation of vaginitis. At the same time, the diet should be light to avoid the intake of stimulating food.


Generally speaking, alcohol belongs to pungent stimulation, do not drink, otherwise, it may lead to the aggravation of symptoms.


The Person who has BV is not suppsed to drink white liquor, meanwhile, white liquor, beer, wine and fruit wine, etc can not be mixed to drink.


Beer is with low alcohol brewed from malt, hops, and water by yeast fermentation. It is rich in vitamin B group elements, including silicon element, which helps to keep the bone strong and can be drunk properly.


However, as an alcoholic beverage, it is better to take less. Women suffering from BV should first seek medical treatment in time, and then pay attention to Hygiene. Change underpants often. Also, you can properly take vitamin C as a supplementation, which can be anti-inflammatory, and drink beer as little as possible.





Let's take a look at what food taboo there are.


1. Avoid seafood products.


Such as shrimp, mandarin fish, blackfish, hairtail, yellow croaker, crab and other aquatic products that can promote damp heat. After eating, it can aggravate the pruritus of the vulva, which is not conducive to the abatement of inflammation. Therefore, it should be avoided.



2. Avoid spicy food.


Spicy food includes pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, etc. it is easy to produce heat and dryness if you eat more, so that the visceral heat toxin will accumulate, and the symptoms such as swelling and pain of gums, sore on the mouth and tongue, short redness in the urine, burning of the anus, and itchiness before and after will aggravate the symptoms of the disease.




3. Pay attention to diet and nutrition.


Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep the stool regular; drink plenty of water to promote discharge of inflammatory excretions.




4. Do not smoke or drink.


Smoking will aggravate the disease. This is because the nicotine in tobacco can weaken the combination of arterial blood and oxygen, and wine can promote dampness and heat. Therefore, it should be avoided. Similarly, alcoholic diet such as wine and medicinal wine should not be drunk.




5. Avoid sweet and greasy food.


Greasy food such as lard, fat pork, butter, mutton oil, cream, etc.; high sugar food such as candy, dessert, chocolate, cream cake, etc., which can help to increase the heat and humidity and the secretion of leucorrhea, can affect the treatment effect.




Now we know that we must take light food, not smoke, not drink and not eat spicy food. Only in this way can BV be treated as effectively as possible. Diet therapy can play a certain auxiliary role on BV. Taking Fuyan Pill can make BV completely away from you.

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