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Is Cervicitis Contagious?

Cervicitis is a common gynecological disease. Is cervicitis contagious? This is a concern of many patients. According to gynecological experts, there are many types of cervicitis. Whether cervicitis is infectious depends on the pathogen of infection. In general, cervicitis is rarely contagious.



Most of the time, cervicitis is not infectious, because cervicitis itself is not infectious, but there is no absolute situation. If you encounter cervicitis caused by Mycoplasma and chlamydia, it may cause infection, which makes mycoplasma and Chlamydia transmitted to your partner through sexual life.


Simple cervicitis is generally non-infectious, but for some patients with cervicitis, if their cervicitis is caused by mycoplasma infection, it will be transmitted to their partners through sexual life, because Mycoplasma parasitized in the cell to escape the immune rejection of the host, has a rapid reproduction, strong infection, and obduracy.


By one night stands, those with this condition often will carry their own Mycoplasma infection to the partners.


There are many types of cervicitis in women, such as cervical erosion, cervical polyps, cervical cysts, all belong to chronic inflammation. Cervicitis is generally not contagious, but to control the condition, women should actively take effective measures for treatment, and get rid of the disease as soon as possible.


Chronic cervicitis is the most common one in cervicitis. It is often seen in primipara. It is mainly caused by delivery, abortion, surgical injury or long-term stimulation of local cervix to infect bacteria. It can also be transformed from acute cervicitis.


Once suffering from chronic cervicitis, its main symptom is leucorrhea increased, sticky, sometimes purulent.


When it is severe, it may also have the feeling of tumescence of the waist and abdomen, and it will aggravate before menstruation, defecation and sexual intercourse.



Although cervicitis is not an infectious disease, it will not spread directly or indirectly through sexual life, this does not mean that cervicitis can be ignored. More than half of the women have different degrees of cervicitis, and with mild cervicitis, the cure rate of it is very high as long as it is treated timely.


During the period of cervicitis, it is not suitable to have sex to avoid aggravation. Also, pay more attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times. Therefore, females should start from the prevention of cervicitis, so how to prevent cervicitis? The following three measures will be introduced for you.


1. Keep the vulva clean.


2. Try to reduce the damage of induced abortion and other gynecological operations to the cervix.


3. Suspend cervical medication during menstruation and avoid sexual life during treatment.


Therefore, due to different pathogens, some people may not be infectious, while others may be deadly infectious, which must be deeply understood. As for whether cervicitis can be transmitted to your partner, you must analyze the specific problems. You'd better go to the hospital for a gynecological examination to know which pathogen causes your cervicitis.



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