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Aromatherapy for Mycotic Vaginitis


Mycotic vaginitis (candidal vaginitis) is a common and multiple vulvovaginitis diseases caused by Candida. Candida albicans is a conditional pathogen. Only when the immune capacity of the whole body and vagina is decreased, and Candida albicans is multiplied in large numbers, can it cause vaginitis.
Aromatherapy treats diseases by improving the autoimmunity, destroying the ability of bacterial reproduction and living environment. The selection of essential oil should also start with specific symptoms. Tea tree essential oil, myrrh essential oil, lavender essential oil, and bergamot all have outstanding antibacterial ability and can reduce the inflammation of patients.
1. Bath

Drop six drops of tea tree and two drops of myrrh into a basin of warm water. First, stir the water surface with your hands to help the essential oil diffuse. Then sit in the water for 10 minutes. Stir the water surface several times during the sitting bath to help the essential oil absorb. (just dip into the depth of the hip).
Use tea tree essential oil to treat gynecopathy, and you can choose a sitz bath. The measurement of sit bath should not exceed four drops with half a basin of warm water, When changing underwear, you can drop a drop of tea tree essential oil on clean underwear, leave it for one night, and change it in the next morning to prevent gynecopathy inflammation.
2. Wet towel compress
Add four drops of tea tree essential oil and four drops of lavender essential oil into about 1 liter of water, and apply to the outside of the vagina with a wet towel, which is helpful to eliminate inflammation and pruritus of the vulva.
3. Drip into underwear
Tea tree and lavender essential oil have a strong antibacterial ability. You can drop 1-3 drops in underpants and put them on after standing for 10 minutes to prevent and improve inflammation and pruritus.
After doing the above work, you should pay attention to the following seven tips:
1. Be careful not to abuse antibiotics or hormones.

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