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Physical Therapy for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
Blocked fallopian tubes is a common disease. In recent years, women suffer from this disease more and more seriously. Therefore, how to treat it has become a major problem for women. Clinically, there are many treatments for tubal obstruction, including salpingostomy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic therapy and physical therapy. In daily life, there are often some women because of fear of surgery and other reasons to use physical therapy, the effect on earth?
Ultrasonic treatment
Ultrasound has mechanical, thermal and cavitation effects on human tissues, resulting in acceleration of blood flow, improvement of blood circulation, increase of peristalsis of blood vessel wall, enhancement of cell membrane permeability, redistribution of ions, vigorous metabolism, reduction of hydrogen ion concentration in tissues, increase of pH value, enhancement of enzyme activity, enhancement of tissue regeneration and repair ability, muscle relaxation, muscle Decreased tension, pain relief or relief.
The reproductive organs are more sensitive to ultrasound. Appropriate ultrasound can increase sperm number, sperm motility and pregnancy rate.
Shortwave therapy
Physical shortwave mainly uses the capacitive heating electrode which does not touch the human body to heat the affected part. Shortwave can make deep tissue congest, promote blood and lymph circulation, enhance the process of new and old generation, reduce the excitability of central and peripheral nervous system, enhance the phagocytosis of leukocytes, activate the activity of enzymes, promote blood circulation, relieve pain, diminish inflammation, promote the absorption of pathological products, enhance the metabolism and nutrition of tissues and organs, etc.
Infrared physiotherapy
With its good thermal penetration, it can obviously play the role of anti-inflammatory and analgesic, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. At the same time, it has high radiation frequency and strong permeability. It is used for local infrared radiation, improving metabolism, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, and accelerating wound healing. Improve microcirculation, regulate nerve and endocrine function.
In recent years, with the emergence of minimally invasive technology, the limitations of physical therapy are more and more obvious. Because the fallopian tube is located in the abdominal cavity, which is mostly manifested as the adhesion of fibrous tissue, the treatment effect is limited to the surface effect, at the same time, it will cause certain damage to the female fallopian tube tissue, even affect fertility, and the recurrence rate is also high.
Therefore, under the guidance of a professional doctor, women who want to use this technique for treatment should choose their own treatment method according to the severity of the disease and personal situation. The salpingitis that causes the infertility of fallopian tube is mainly chronic inflammation, so most of them are treated with medicine, especially Fuyan Pill, which has excellent curative effect.

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