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Surgical Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes
The blocked fallopian tube is a common cause of infertility in women. In real society, with the increasing pressure of women, patients with blocked fallopian tubes are also increasing. Here are a few common surgical treatment methods in the clinic.
Check before surgery
Before choosing the specific surgery, we need to find out the pathological position and degree of the fallopian tube through the examination of hysterosalpingography, for example, to know whether it is a proximal obstruction or distal obstruction, whether there is water accumulation, what is the cause of fallopian tube pathological changes, etc. if it is caused by tuberculosis infection, the operation is not recommended.
If the female side is older, the ovarian reserve function is poor, or her partner has severe oligospermia or asthenospermia, surgery is not recommended, and IVF can be directly considered.
Distal obstruction of the fallopian tube
1. Salpingolysis and salpingostomy
At present, open surgery has been basically eliminated, generally laparoscopic. At the same time of laparoscopy, it can also check whether there is adhesion in the pelvic cavity and carry out adhesion separation.
As for whether you can get pregnant after the operation, it is related to the shape and physiological function of the fallopian tube, as well as the degree of pelvic adhesion, so the specific situation should be judged by the doctor.
2. Salpingectomy and ligation
For severe hydrosalpinx, the structure of the fallopian tube has been destroyed, the basic function of the fallopian tube has been lost, and the possibility of operation recovery is relatively slight.
Because the inflammatory factors in hydrosalpinx will flow into the uterine cavity, which has toxic effects on sperm and fertilized eggs, and the endometrium will also reduce the probability of embryo implantation after being stimulated by inflammation, so it is necessary to block the place near the uterus of the fallopian tube or remove the fallopian tube before embryo transfer, so as to improve the success rate of the in-vitro baby.
Proximal obstruction of the fallopian tube
1. Salpingostomy
This method is especially suitable for women with tubal ligation because most of them have no pathological changes in the fallopian tube itself and have a greater chance of pregnancy.
2. Interventional therapy
Under the guidance of hysteroscopy and ultrasound, the tubal catheter is combined with very thin endoscopic fiber, which can directly look at the lumen, separate adhesion, and eliminate the obstruction. This method is suitable for the women with proximal obstruction of the fallopian tube, and the rest of them are normal. If it is combined with distal obstruction at the same time, it is not suitable for this treatment.
The best pregnancy test time is usually 6 months for the operation of reserving the function of the fallopian tube. If the operation is more than 1 year after the operation, the test tube baby should be considered.
However, because the fallopian tube is very fragile, no matter what kind of operation it is, it will more or less damage the fallopian tube and its surrounding organs, and even affect the function of the fallopian tube and the pregnancy rate. So what other methods can open the fallopian tube effectively?
Fuyan Pill, a Chinese herbal medicine, has the functions of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening the spleen and promoting dampness, killing pathogens, eliminating inflammation, promoting the absorption of edema and inflammatory secretion, and effectively treating the blocked fallopian tubes caused by inflammation.
At the same time, the effect of the Fuyan Pill can improve the peristalsis function of fallopian tube, regulate the internal environment of the pelvis, and provide a strong guarantee for pregnancy and transportation of fertilized eggs.
It can not only open the fallopian tube from the structure but also regulate the function of fallopian tube, improve the ability of the fallopian tube to pick up eggs, promote the peristalsis of fallopian tube, boost the immunity of patients, so as to truly achieve the purpose of getting a thorough cure.
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