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Can Alcohol Abuse Lead to Bacterial Vaginitis?

When talking about gynecological diseases, most people think of inflammation, and vaginitis is a gynecological disease that often occurs and bothers women repeatedly. Vaginitis can be divided into mycosis fungoides, bacterial vaginitis, and trichomoniasis. The incidence of bacterial vaginitis is a little higher compared to the other two.

Can excessive alcohol consumption cause bacterial vaginitis?
Regular alcohol consumption does not usually directly induce bacterial vaginitis.
Bacterial vaginosis is mainly caused by an imbalance of the flora present in the vagina itself, resulting in a decrease in Lactobacillus, an increase in pH, and an increase in anaerobic bacteria such as Gardnerella. The average pH level in the vagina is below 4.5. Multiple sexual partners and frequent sex can lead to changes in the flora, which can cause some symptoms, such as ichthyosis and thinness.
Although drinking alcohol cannot directly cause vaginitis, if you drink alcohol for a long time, your resistance will be reduced, and you will be more likely to suffer from vaginitis and other diseases when you have sex or do not pay attention to hygiene. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink alcohol for a long time, and occasional moderate drinking will not affect your health.
Vaginitis itself is related to a decrease in resistance and poor health. If you drink alcohol, it will only aggravate your resistance and make vaginitis worse. Therefore, you should not drink alcohol when you have vaginitis. After drinking alcohol, the vaginal discharge increases, and the itchiness worsens significantly.
Causes of bacterial vaginitis

1. Washing underwear and socks together
Some women are clean, but they have a bad habit of cleaning their underwear and often wash their underwear and socks in the same basin, which makes them particularly susceptible to foot fungus infection.
2. Sexual transmission
Some young boys and girls do not do a good job of cleaning before having sex, and as a result, the vagina becomes infected with bacteria. If the men’s external genitals are cleaned before the two have sex, this will reduce the chance of bacterial vaginitis.

3. Bad self-cleaning habits
Many women think that the cleaner the vagina is, the better, but this is not true because the immunity of the vagina is very low. If you wash your vagina often with your hands, which can carry bacteria, or if you douche your vagina with drugs, the wrong concentration of the drug will burn the vagina and the vaginal micro-ecological flora will be imbalanced, so you will lose the protective barrier and become susceptible to vaginitis.
For young women, the prevention of vaginitis should be strengthened. Pay attention to personal and spousal hygiene management, improve the immune system and develop good lifestyle habits. Regular hospital checkups can help detect early symptoms and implement targeted measures to eliminate vaginitis. Smoking and drinking are not good habits, which can affect menstruation and ovaries and vaginitis, so you should try to avoid such behavior.
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