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Can Drink Alcohol Cause Bacterial vaginitis?

Regular drinking generally does not directly induce bacterial vaginitis.

Bacterial vaginosis is mainly caused by the imbalance of the bacterial flora in the vagina itself, resulting in a decrease in Lactobacillus, an increase in pH, and an increase in anaerobic bacteria such as Gardnerella. The normal pH in the vagina is below 4.5. Multiple sexual partners, frequent sex life, etc., will lead to changes in the flora, which will cause some symptoms, such as a fishy smell and thinness. 
Bacterial vaginitis is mainly caused by not paying attention to personal hygiene at ordinary times. This is a relatively common gynecological inflammation that may have much to do with Candida albicans infection. During the onset of the disease, it will cause pruritus and pain in the vulva and even cause damage in serious cases.
Although drinking alcohol cannot directly lead to bacterial vaginitis, if you drink alcohol for a long time, your resistance will also decline. And you are more likely to suffer from bacterial vaginitis and other diseases when you have sex or do not pay attention to hygiene. Drinking can aggravate bacterial vaginitis, related to the decline of self-resistance and poor physique. Drinking will lead to a decline in resistance and an increase in vaginal secretions, and the itching symptoms will be significantly aggravated. It will exacerbate the inflammatory reaction and worsen related clinical symptoms.
In addition, for bacterial vaginitis, the treatment drugs are usually anti-anaerobic. Patients often use metronidazole suppository and clindamycin for vaginal medication under the guidance of doctors, which is conducive to regulating the flora in the vagina and can also play the role of local anti-inflammatory and sterilization, which is conducive to alleviating uncomfortable symptoms such as itching and increased secretion caused by bacterial vaginitis. 
However, since both anti-anaerobic drugs and alcohol usually need to be metabolized by the liver, drinking alcohol while taking anti-anaerobic drugs may cause serious consequences. Alcohol is harmful to human health. It will affect the liver, reduce the effect of detoxification, and increase the burden on the liver. So patients should not drink alcohol when bacterial vaginitis occurs.

When suffering from bacterial vaginitis, there are many other dietary taboos in addition to not being able to drink :
1. High-sugar diet: such as candy, dessert, chocolate, etc. A high-sugar diet can help dampness and heat up, and may also lead to an increase in women's leucorrhea secretions, affecting the effect of drug treatment;
2. Spicy and irritating diet: such as chili, ginger, green onion, garlic, beef, and mutton, etc. Eating much spicy and irritating food may cause dryness and heat, aggravate the symptoms of vaginal itching and pain;
3. Greasy diet: such as eating fried food, fat, lard, cream, etc., which is not conducive to the effect of drugs and the elimination of inflammation;
4. Seafood products: common fish, shrimp, crabs, shellfish, and other seafood may aggravate vaginal itching, which is not conducive to the regression of inflammation;
If bacterial vaginitis is diagnosed, it needs to be treated with oral drugs under the guidance of a doctor. For patients with bacterial vaginitis, the effect of the herbal patent medicine Fuyan Pill is still good. During the period of taking medicine, you must pay attention to self-regulation and regular work and rest, eat a healthy diet, and eat less spicy and irritating food not to prolong the treatment time. 
In addition, do not rinse the vagina with drugs. When washing the vagina, the vagina is clean in a short time, but over time, it will inhibit the growth of Lactobacillus and is more prone to bacterial vaginitis. Smoking is not a good living habit. It impacts menstruation and ovaries and will also affect bacterial vaginitis, so you should try your best to avoid such behavior.
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