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Is Cervicitis in Women Caused by the Male Partner?

Cervicitis is one of the most common gynecological diseases, most common in women of childbearing age, caused by damage to the cervix and invasion by pathogens. Many women think that it is related to their sex lives and are ashamed to talk about it. When they have symptoms, they often don't seek medical help immediately, and as a result, their condition gets worse and worse.


So, is cervicitis in women caused by the male partner?

Clinically, cervicitis is divided into acute and chronic, with chronic inflammation being the most common. Acute cervicitis is mainly manifested as redness and swelling of the cervix and cervical tube mucosal edema, often accompanied by urinary tract infection. Chronic cervicitis has a variety of manifestations, such as cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, and chronic cervical tube mucositis.

There are many causes of cervicitis in women, some of which may be related to men. If men and women ignore genital hygiene during sex, have sex during menstruation, or have intercourse too roughly, resulting in vaginal and cervical injuries, it can lead to retrograde infection of bacteria present in the woman's vagina itself, causing cervicitis. Moreover, if a man is infected with Mycoplasma, Chlamydia or Neisseria gonorrhoeae, it can be transmitted to the woman through sexual intercourse, eventually leading to cervicitis.

However, cervicitis is not only caused by the above-mentioned causes; other factors may also cause it:

1. Decrease in Estrogen Level

Decrease in cellular glycogen content, the vaginal lactobacillus convert it into lactic acid is reduced, so the acidic environment of the vagina is destroyed, other pathogenic bacteria can easily grow and cause the disease.

2. Foreign Bodies in the Vagina

A foreign body in a woman's vagina can irritate or damage the cervix over time, which can lead to the invasion of bacteria or pathogens.

3. Local Stimulation by Chemical Substances

To maintain vaginal hygiene, some women will often use some alkaline or acidic liquid for douching, but too acidic or too alkaline can cause cervicitis.

4. Localized Injury

When the cervix is damaged, the patient is most vulnerable to bacterial invasion and infection. Women's abortion, childbirth, and other uterine operations can cause cervical damage. Some women use birth control devices for contraception, and these intrauterine devices are also causative factors for cervicitis.

5. Decline in Immunity

When a woman's immunity drops, and she becomes susceptible, bacteria are more likely to invade her body and cause the disease.

6. Gynecological Inflammation in Women

If a woman has vaginitis, it can also lead to cervicitis. If there is a gynecological pelvic inflammatory disease or endometritis, this kind of disease will lead to germs downstream infection, also triggering the disease.

Therefore, when women suffer from cervicitis, they should not directly assume that their male partners cause it. Nor can they put off the disease because of shyness. For acute cervicitis, patients can be cured quickly with a full course of treatment with appropriate antibiotics. 

However, chronic cervicitis is recurring, the course of the disease is longer, and the treatment is more complicated. To cure chronic cervicitis completely, female patients can try traditional Chinese medicine treatment, commonly used as the Fuyan Pill.

First of all, the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is safer compared to Western medicine antibiotics because it will not produce drug resistance and other side effects; secondly, the Fuyan Pill has extreme bactericidal power; it can kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, make mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonorrhea turn negative, which can remove the cause of cervicitis; finally, the pill can improve the patient's immune system to prevent the disease from recurring.

Women should abstain from sexual intercourse during treatment, pay attention to rest, and avoid exertion. Pay attention to sexual hygiene: wash the pubic area every day. Wash the anterior pubic area, then wash the posterior area with a special towel. At the same time, it is also essential to do regular gynecological examinations. Only by breaking through the thought confinement, seeking medical help as soon as possible, and following the doctor's instructions to use medication or treatment can they regain health as soon as possible.

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