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Symptoms and Treatment of Ureaplasma Urealyticum Infection

Ureaplasma urealyticum(UU) infection in women

Mycoplasma is a simple mononuclear cell. The mycoplasma that can resolve urea is called ureaplasma urealyticum. Female infected with ureaplasma urealyticum in the urethra would cause frequency of urinatior and urgent urination. Infection of the cervicitis would cause excessive vaginal fluid, erosion of cervicitis, uterine neck myxedema, excessive vaginal fluid, and contact bleeding. If the test of UU is positive, it must be infected with UU.

The treatment of UU infection is still in the period of studying all over the world. Infection of UU can be repeating and successive. Infective diseases like UU infection is bothering more and more people in developed countries. It is persistent to solve the problems of the harm and infection caused by UU. However, the most and only effective method to cure infection caused by UU is to use traditional Chinese medicine.

Adnexitis caused by UU do serious harm to generation. If the infection spread to the womb and cause endometritis, the egg can't nidate and the women can't get pregnant. If there is a tubal infection, there would be a infertility because egg can't pass the fallopian tube to the womb. Once infected with UU, it would be necessary to take immediately treatment in case of infertility.



If infected with uu, it would cause:
Vaginitis:excessive vaginal fluid,yellow vaginal fluid, fequency of urinatior and urgent urination,pruritus vulvue and pain when having sex.
Pelvic inflammatory disease: fequency of urinatior, excessive vaginal fluid, thick vaginal fluid, vaginal fluid with peculiar smell, abnormal menstruation,pain in low abdomen, secondary infertility.
Cervicitis: erosion of cervicitis, uterine neck myxedema, excessive vaginal fluid, along with yellow vaginal fluid.
pruritus vulvue:pruritus in clitoris,menspubis and vulvar lips and sometimes around the anus. Patients with serious symptoms are upset with that and the skin thicken, along with scratch and hardening.


Cure UU infection with Chinese traditional medicine Fuyan Pill


Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill cure mycoplasma infection and the test would be negative in three months by means of killing bacteria and mycoplasma. With medicines that can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, symptoms that abdominal distension and waist pain eliminate. Fuyan Pill resist hyperplasia, resist fibrosis, eliminate hydros, adhension and blockage, tonify spleen, eliminate the symptoms cause by mycoplasma, cure diseases caused by mycoplasma.


Cuccessful cases

Mrs. Huang     42 years old     2007/11    Fujian Province
She had an abnormal bleeding in the vagina. Vaginal fluid was brwon and little. Blood volume was big and sometimes there was black block during menstrual periods. Sometimes menstruation occured twice a month. She took a test of mycoplasma in hospital and the result was positive, along with endometriosis. After taking Fuyan Pill for four months, the date of mensturation was 5 days ahead and the span is a week. Since then she had no abnormal bleeding any more, and the vaginal fluid became normal. Test of mycoplasma was negative then. She kept taking pills for another 2 months and finally everything test normal.


Mrs. Zhang     32 years old     2008/5     Su Zhou, Jiang Su Province
She had a excessive and yellow vaginal fluid. Mycoplasma test was positive. She was diagnosed with infective vaginitis. She took Fuyan Pill for only one months and tested normal.


Mrs. Yi        28 years old       2008/5     Dong Guan, Guang Dong Province
She had a excessive and yellow vaginal fluid. Sometimes there was a pain in low abdomen. She had been diagnosed with mycoplasmia infection 4 years ago. She took injection of western medicine and there was no effect so she required a medication with traditional Chinese medicine. She had been radically cured after taking Fuyan Pill for two months and tested normal.


Miss. Wang     13 years old       2008/10      Yan An, Shan Xi Province
Her mother suspected that she was injected with mycoplasma because since she was a baby she had a vulva flushing. The symptom would be released after washed with light brine. When she was a little girl, the symptom of vulva flushing remain and there was a additional symptom: vulva pruritus. In recent 3 years her symptoms worsen and she couldn't do normal study any more. Her mother took her to hospital and took a test, the result of mycoplasma test was positive. Symtoms could not be released with western medicines. When her mother found me on the internet and asked me for help, I treated the girl with traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill. Symptoms released since taking pills for several days and all symptoms eliminate after taking the pills for 2 months. The girl kept taking pills for another months and took a final test. Every thing is OK then. The mother thanked me very much.


Dietary restriction


1) During the medication, drinking, smoking, and intake of pepper, chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, and milk are all not allowed. The patient's bad diet control will extent treatment time.

2) Pay attention to personal hygiene.


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