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Treatment of Mycoplasma Hominis Infection

Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. People reflect on resistance on traditional Chinese medicines. Cure mycoplasma hominis infection with traditional Chinese medicine would be of no side effects and very successful. Since there are elements in the medicine can clear away toxic material, mycoplasma hominis Infection can be cured radically.

What is mycoplasma hominis

 Mycoplasma hominis is one kind of mycoplasma. They exist in the genitalia and urinary system and would cause infection and inflammation in pelvic cavity.

Mycoplasma hominis infection

Mycoplasma hominis infection is a special kind of NGU(nongonococcal urethritis) with clinical symptpms of yellow urine, red urethral orifice, frequency of urinate, drops of urinate and pain in the urithra and so on. Long-term of infection would damage the inner capsule of uterine cervix and fallopian tubes and lead to infertility. Most of the infection are caused by having sex with infected partner. So the sexual partner should take the treatment as well.

How could Fuyan Pill cure mycoplasma hominis infection in three months

The incubation of mycoplasma hominis infection is one to three weeks. Lots of patients who infected with mycoplasma hominis and have no symptoms. When they take the medican examinations and find they are infected, a long time has been passed. And at this time, severe lesion exists, such as PID, salpingitis, endometriosis and infertility. The treatment of Fuyan Pill is sort of like cleaning the house, the medicines "clean" every mycoplasma hominis in the pelvic cavity, including fallopain tube, womb, and so on. Fuyan Pill can cure mycoplasma hominis infection in three months without any drug resistance. After taking the medicine for three months, any disease caused by mycoplasma hominis infection can be cured.

Successful Case

Mrs Zhang.  32 years old  2008/5   Suzhou, Jiangsu Province

She have got a excessive vaginal fluid which is yellow, and a pain in low abdomen. Four years ago, her test report showed that she had mycoplasma hominis infection four. She took lots of injection but there was no released symptoms. Then she came to my clinic to ask for my treatment. I treated her with Fuyan Pill for two months, then her test was negative.

No alcohol, chilli, chicken, fish, beef, shrim is allowed while taking the treatment. If patients do obey the restristion, the treatment would probably be extended.


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