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Therapy to Cure Mycoplasma Infection in Women

First of all, we should know the harm of mycoplasma infection. Generally speaking, the symptoms of female mycoplasma infection include increasing of leucorrhea, ardent urethra, or pelvic inflammation, salpingitis which may cause female infertility, abortion and ectopic pregnancy. What`s worse, mycoplasma can also infect internal uterus broadcasting by placenta and female tractus genitalis. These two ways can cause abortion, premature delivery, dysplastic embryo, low weight baby, premature rupture of fetal membranes, especially dead fetus in uterus and etc.

Generally speaking, the definition of mycoplasma carrier is whose check result is positive and he does not have any symptom. If the mycoplasma checking result is positive and the female has symptom of abnormality leucorrhea, this situation belongs to mycoplasma infection. Another situation is if the mycoplasma checking result is positive and has slight inflammation, then it also belongs to mycoplasma infection no matter what other symptom exists. The doctor`s recommendation is that patient should accept systematical remedy immediately and do specific checks to exclude other venereal diseases, in order to avoid serious result.

Actually, in the therapy to cure mycoplasma infection, the WM is the main trend. But the WM antibiotic cannot cure the mycoplasma infection drastically. Moreover, long-term taking would form tolerance to drugs and it is bad to the subsequent curing. A very few patient`s symptom disappeared after receiving WM remedy, but the mycoplasma positive cannot turn negative. Actually the TCM can solve this problem drastically. Why the TCM has special advantages in curing mycoplasma infection? The TCM "Fuyan Pill" is a kind of unique prescription which is the achievement of 30 years clinical experience. This pill can cure different kinds of diseases caused by female mycoplasma. This pill is made up of pure Chinese medicine which would form tolerance to drugs. Generally speaking, after one month curing, the symptom will abate: after three months curing, the symptom will disappear and the mycoplasma positive turns negative.

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