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Fuyan Pill Treats Chlamydial Infection

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) disproportionately affect women and pose a significant, yet preventable, threat to their fertility. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the top two most commonly reported STIs in the US, and girls and young women ages 15-24 have the highest number of cases of both. The 12-month reinfection rate of chlamydia among adolescents and young women is as high as 26%, often due to an untreated male sexual partner.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are infections that may not cause symptoms, or if they do, they're vague (vaginal or penile discharge, abnormal vaginal bleeding, cramping). "Many people who have an STI are not aware of it and pass it to their partners," said Dr. Merritt. "Undiagnosed and untreated STIs can cause scarring and damage a woman's ability to become pregnant when she's ready to have a baby. Fortunately, chlamydia and gonorrhea can be quickly diagnosed with a simple urine test and treated with a short course of antibiotics."

Successful cases indicate that Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can cure the chlamydial infection. The treatment needs 3 months. Even the period is much longer than antibiotics, it can completely cure the infection and the recurrence rate after treatment is pretty low. For those stubborn chlamydia infection in women, Fuyan Pill can deal with it as well. Women with chlamydia for longer than 6 months or have taken more than three kinds of antibiotics can hardly be completely treated by antibiotics, this is because of drug resistance. Comparing with the side effects of antibiotics, another advantage of this herbal remedy is its safety. Fuyan Pill is a prescription which has been used for over 18 years and have been taken by thousands of chlamydia sufferers, all the clinical cases show no side effect of Fuyan Pill. No matter for those who have just been infected or those have been suffered for long, Fuyan Pill can always be the best choice for their chlamydia infection.

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