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Is it Better to Treat Women Infected with Mycoplasma with TCM?

Mycoplasma is a kind of the simplest prokaryote different from viruses and bacteria, and ureaplasma urealyticum, sex mycoplasma and mycoplasma hominis are the main mycoplasma pathogens related to urogenital system diseases.

If patients with mycoplasma infection are not treated timely, a train of pathological changes will be caused.

As far as women are concerned, mycoplasma is more likely to grow and live in women’s genital tract. Mycoplasma will first infect women’s uterus and urethra, thus causing cervicitis, urethritis and relevant abnormal symptoms. Salpingitis is a common complication, and a few patients may have symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis.

Women’s mycoplasma infection may result in athological changes of their reproductive organs, such as pelvic effusion, hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesion, tubal blockage and so on, thus leading to infertility. Above all, mycoplasma infection may also cause miscarriage. Repeated miscarriages for some unknown reason are likely to be caused by mycoplasma infection.

Since sexual contact is a main channel of mycoplasma infection, hygienic sexual life becomes a main measure for the prevention of mycoplasma infection.

The patients testing positive for mycoplasma shall be treated timely.

How to treat patients testing positive for mycoplasma?

Antibiotics can be used in treatment of mycoplasma infection. Although antibiotics work soon, they cannot be taken for a long time, for mycoplasma will develop drug-tolerance and antibiotics have side effects. Antibiotics enjoy a not bad cure rate, but patients must be cautious when they choose to take antibiotics.

Now that western medicine doesn’t work well, how to treat mycoplasma infection then? There is no choice but TCM. Does TCM have advantages that cannot be matched by western medicine in treatment of mycoplasma infection? Is it certain that TCM is better than western medicine in treatment of mycoplasma infection?

The answer is definitely yes.

Firstly, there are a number of medicinal materials in TCM that are equal to broad spectrum antibiotics in western medicine, such as cordate houttuynia, wild chrysanthemum flower and so on. They are very effective in sterilization and do well in killing mycoplasma or mycoplasma hominis. Although they don’t work as soon as antibiotics do, they won’t make bacteria develop drug-resistance have few side effects. Therefore, they can be taken for a long time and enjoy continued effectiveness. Any pure medicinal materials, if taken for a long time, will have side effects, but the side effects of TCM can be ignored.

Secondly, some drugs that are able to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and FUyan Pill, will be used in treatment of inflammations of reproductive system caused by mycoplasma infection with TCM. Why to add such drugs? Firstly, the inflammations can result in complications, such as prostatic sclerosis, hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesion, tubal blockage and pelvic effusion, and such drugs are needed in treatment. Secondly, besides parasitizing cells, the harm done by mycoplasma to the human body also includes the letting off toxins that are harmful to the tissues and organs of human body, and such drugs are used together with heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs that are effective in sterilization to repair damaged tissues and remove patients’ uncomfortable feelings. Finally, such drugs are also capable promoting blood circulation, increase body vitality and improve immunity.

Among the abovementioned TCM, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is for men testing positive for mycoplasma, and Fuyan Pill for women testing positive for mycoplasma. They are exceptionally effective and work better than other similar drugs. They will stand the test of time with proved effectiveness.

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