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Is It Serious for Women to Get Chlamydia Infection?

Chlamydia infection is a common sexual transmitted disease. Researches on chlamydia in nearly twenty years find that chlamydia infection can lead to many reproductive tract diseases. Plus, chlamydia infection keeps higher infection rate than gonorrhea, which holds primacy in STDs. Chlamydia is small in volume and only under electron microscope can we see its structure clearly. Separated according to kind or class, chlamydia infection can be divided into chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia psittaci, and pneumonia chlamydia. Among those, chlamydia trachomatis is the main type that can give rise to reproductive tract infection.

Mode of transmission


It is said that once pathogens of chlamydia insert human cells, it can breed rapidly and blend into blood at different developmental stages. Eventually human beings and animals can be infected and encounter various diseases. Pathogens can widely exist in conjunctiva, pharynx, cervix, urethra or other parts of the body. That can be the explanation for why sex intercourse is not the only route of chlamydia infection, daily contact can also be the cause. Vehicles like hands, eyes, cloths of patients, containers or placenta are sometimes the criminal. When chlamydia pathogens insert the body, it firstly invades columnar epithelial cells and grow in them. And then enter into the cells of monocyte-macrophage cell system to proliferate. Necrocytosis gradually occurs when pathogens of chlamydia propagate in cells. Meanwhile, these pathogens can escape from immune defense of the body and win spasmodical protection. Pathogenesis of chlamydia infection is to inhibit metabolism of infected cells, dissolve destroying cells and release lytic enzyme.


Is it serious for women to get chlamydia infection?


A survey shows that women who have pelvic inflammatory disease was half caused by chlamydia infection. Moreover, women who have trouble with infertility are tested 44.2% with chlamydia antibody. It can be seen that chlamydia antibody is a significant cause of infertility. What's more, chlamydia infection can also lead to abortion, premature birth, stillbirth, pneumonia, non-gonococcal urethritis, cervicitis, endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, proctitis, etc. Furthermore, through intercourse, men may suffer from urinary tract disease. It is recorded that about seventy percent of patients who have chlamydia infection show no symptoms. And sometimes symptoms are light. Therefore when symptoms like leucorrhea, purulent vaginal discharge or bleeding after sexual intercourse appear, patinets should go to the doctor as soon as possible.


Dr. Lee says chlamydia infection should not be ignored, In addition to endanger sexual dysfunction and fertility, it can also cause endometritis, salpingitis, oophoritis, spontaneous abortion, intrauterine fetal death, etc. Thus, if patients are diagnosed with chlamydia infection, timely medical treatment is the best solution.

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