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What are Possible Chlamydia Symptoms in Women?

What are possible chlamydia symptoms in women? The followings are several possible symptoms of chlamydia infection in women:


1 When chlamydia trachomatis infection women's urethra, the urinary system can be affected even symptoms can be slight or no symptoms show up at all. But such an infection can spread locally to reproductive system and affect fertility.


2 When chlamydia infect cervix, cervicitis can occur. Discharge, bleeding are common symptoms. Sometimes lower abdominal pain can occur on some sufferers.


3 No symptoms at all. But vaginal fluid test can find chlamydia trachomatis.


4 If chlamydia infect cervix and the infection is left untreated, it can later infect fallopian tubes and cause salpingitis. Women with chlamydia fallopian tube infection often suffers a little symptoms, typically lower abdominal pain. But the most common sign is infertility.


5 In some cases, chlamydia can cause ectopic pregnancy, miscarrage, infertility, antepartum fetal death. 


Comparing with trachoma and pneumonia, when chlamydia infect reproductive system, chlamydia symptoms in women are with less obvious symptoms. So pay attention if you notice you have above symptoms, test and have it diagnosed promptly, so it can be treated promptly.

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