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Chlamydia, as one of pathogens, largely exist in human body. We are always asked by chlamydia infection patients that what the effective treatment of chlamydia infection is. To answer this question, Dr.Lee can help.

From a netizen: What are treatments of chlamydia infection? It would be appreciate if you tell me some information about this question.

Dr.Lee: Hello! Thank you for your trust. In some certain item, chlamydia can lead to cervical infection, premature delivery, miscarriage, and urinary tract infections. Especially when it combines with other pathogens, such as gonococcus, more serious condition and complications can occur. In fact, chlamydia trachomatis grow widely in cervix uteri and male and female urinary system.

About the question " treatment of chlamydia infection in women", you can consult our doctors on line. Besides, descriptions referring symptoms of chlamydia infection, matters need attention and cost will all be answered. Next, let's see some common problems which will occur in chlamydia patients.


Causes of chlamydia infection in women

When chlamydia infects human body, it firstly affects columnar epithelial cells and grows in it. And then it enters and proliferates cells in mononuclear phagocyte system. Because of the progenitive chlamydia, the infected cells befall massive dead. At the same time, it can get away from parasitifer immune defense and gain spasmodical protection. Pathogenesis of chlamydia, as we always mentioned, is that it inhibits metabolism of the infected cells, causes dissolution or destruction of cells, lysosomal enzyme release and induces toxic action of metabolites. Potentially, those consequences can give rise to allergy and autoimmunity.


Symptoms of chlamydia infection in women

Chlamydia can not only cast its net wider to the whole genital reproductive organs instead of urethra merely. Usually, subjective symptoms are not so noticeable or sometimes, they are too slight. However, after long time being infected and spreaded, lession huge must befall huge damage. Generally, women are thornier than men because women have to suffer more symptoms. Plus, cervix is the main target to be infected, and its sequela is infertility.

We have clearly understood most medications of chlamydia infection include antibiotic. If chlamydia patients do not cured by antibiotic, the result is unpredictable and desperate. Treatment can't last for long because once pathogens can't be eliminated in a short time, other parts will be infected, which finally brings about pathological changes. Dr.Lee is an expert in this field. She has already studied chlamydia treatment for almost thirty years. She emphasized that we must comprehend its pathogenesis and find out the relevant medication. How to directly kill pathogens in lessions is a big problem. If it is solved, the disease can be neatly. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill, is such a medicine which can directly enter focus and destroy harmful pathogens. Dr.Lee introduced that it is a specific medicine which is applied to settle gynecological disease.

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