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Fuyan Pill - Herbal Treatment for Chlamydia in Women

Chlamydia as a common sexual transmitted disease, causes infection which can either be a ailment or a troublesome disease.


Chlamydia can be easily transmitted through unprotected vaginal, anal or oral sex, sharing sex toys if you don't wash them or cover them with a new condom each time they're used. It can be treated easily by antibiotics in a couple of days, and a single dose of antibiotic for curing the infection is also available. Chlamydia infection may remain asymptomatic for several weeks in human beings, this is why it is transmitted widely, and why it is not treated promptly.


In women, chlamydia infection may cause urinary and vaginal discomfort, and result in endometritis, PID, tubal blockage, and even infertility if left untreated. 


There's a small chance that antibiotics fail in curing chlamydia infection, and there's a slight bigger chance that it recurs after being treated.  Is there any alternatives which can completely cure chlamydia infection and reverse the body to a healthy condition so that the infection doesn't recur after treatment?


Yes. Fuyan Pill is the very medicine to completely cure chlamydia infection, reverse damage caused by chlamydia, and preserve the body at the same time. As a herbal treatment for chlamydia in women, Fuyan Pill treats the infection in three months. Fuyan Pill has been used in China for over ten years in treating chlamydia infection in women. Clinical cases shows that Fuyan Pill clears up the infection in three months, the patients' chlamydia test results are always negative after 3 months treatment. Fuyan Pill can reverse damage caused by chlamydia infection as well. Endometritis, salpingitis, adhesions and other lesion caused by Fuyan Pill can all be treated meanwhile, infertility is no longer a problem after the treatment. As Fuyan Pill preserves the body as well as treating the disease, the body becomes healthy again after the treatment, to prevent from the recurrence of the infection. One of the most remarkable advantage of Fuyan Pill is that there's no side effect. The formula of Fuyan Pill has been used by hundreds and thousands of sufferers, no side effects has been reported.


There's a diet required during the treatment: spicy foods and condiment, poultry, fish, beef, seafood, onions, durians, pickles, alcohol and milk are forbidden.
There's no interaction between the listed foods and Fuyan Pill, but they may aggravate symptoms and worsen condition thus the treatment may take longer.

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