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Causes of Chlamydia Infection in Women

 As a very common sexual transmitted disease, chlamydia ifnection can lead to many genital diseases. In fact, it has already stood first on the list of sexual transmitted diseases. Once chlamydia enters human cells, through different developmental stages, various other diseases can occur. However, what are causes of chlamydia infection in women? 

Experts introduced that chlamydia can give rise to mutiple diseases. A Large number of female chlamydia infection patients are not very familiar to chlamydia infection, which provides more chances for pathophoresis. Generally, chlamydia infection is usually caused by factors such as intercourse, infected objects, childbirth, etc.
1. Intercourse. In multitudinous causes of chlamydia infection, intercourse is one of the most common routes of transmission.It is a fact that men who has sex life has risk of chlamydia infection. As a sexual transmitted disease, chlamydia can infect in all the ages. In women, it always occurs in cervix. 
2. Infeted objects. Hands, eyes, contaminated clothes, equipment are all objects that can bring about indirect infections. 
3. Childbirth. If a pregnant women has chlamydia trachomatis, she is apt to have chlamydial genital tract infection as well. The newborn may be infected with chlamydia trachomatis and then suffer from conjunctivitis and chlamydial pneumonia through vaginal delivery. Cervical endometritis is the most common consequence of chlamydial genital system infection in women. When the cervix is infected, mucopurulent secretions, cervical hyperemia, swelling, contact bleeding are symptoms may appear. In addition, if the infection moves upward, it is easy to induce diseases such as endometritis, acute salpingitis, acute urethral syndrome ( urinary urgency, frequent urine, odynuria, sterile urine) and bartholinitis.   
Owing to the main cause of chlamydia infection is intercourse, women who have more than one sexual partner or who do not take protected mesures during intercourse run a higer risk of chlamydia infection. Besides, people who have already had other sexual transmitted diseases are also group of people at high risk of chlamydia infection. Moreover, anal sex is also one of the modes of transmission. 
Experts reminded that chlamydia infection infection can lead to extrauterine pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, dead born and neonatal death. At times, patients only can not be pregnant but without any symptom. Whereas, chlamydia can infect the newborn through birth canal. Commonly, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, otitis media, pneumonia, and vaginitis are usually occur in newborns. Hence, women who have chlamydia infection should go to the hospital and have detailed examinations. 
Chlamydia infection is not very complicated to cure if patients have found it in time and receive right treatment. In order to solve problems caused by chlamydia infection also, many pharmacists try to develop a more powerful medication, however seldom successed. Fuyan Pill is an exception.It is a new medicine which can treat chlamydia infection in women and also help to cure diseases rise from chlamydia pathogens. 

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