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What Kind of Herbal Medicine can One Take for Treating Chlamydia

Once chlamydia is been infected, prompt treatment is needed in case it brings complications. Chlamydia is normally treated with antibiotics. However, there are some natural treatment that might help as well.


When treating chlamydia, the sexual partner should be treated as the same time as well. If one is left untreated, then it may pass forth and back between you and your partner, and you would never be free from the ailment.

There are some herbal remedies that are able to support most conventional methods of fighting off infections such as Chlamydia. These can help in the treatment of Chlamydia and some can clear up the infection. Some herbs and herbal remedies that have been successful include Olea Europea (extract of olive leaf), Viscum Album, Astralagus Membranaceus, Schizandra Sinesis, and Crataegus Oxyacanthoides.

Goldenrod, Agathosma Betulina (buchu), Mentha Piperita, and Hypoxis Rooperi (extract of African Potato) all have abilities to help the body fight infections and act as immune system boosters.


Some people find success using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment of Chlamydia. When used with other forms of treatment, acupuncture can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Chlamydia, such as urinary dysfunction, fever, and pain. It can also help strengthen the immune system.

Acupressure might be able to help strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and anxiety, and relieve pain as well.

In order to keep the infection from affecting fertility or from developing into pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Chinese herbal therapy can be used, too. Some common herbs used in this type of therapy include bupleurum, Coptis, angelica, and gentiana.

Although Chlamydia is treatable, if left untreated, it can cause some serious complications. Aside from being transmitted between sexual partners, it can also increase the risks of infertility and cause a severe amount of pain and other uncomfortable feelings.


It can also lead to ectopic pregnancies, in which the fetus grows outside of the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are not only very painful, but can be life threatening as well. In pregnant women, Chlamydia can cause premature labor as well as other complications. Thus, undertaking treatment of Chlamydia is very important.

Generally speaking, it is less common for men to experience severe complications from Chlamydia, although treatment would still be necessary.

If you find out that you have the infection, then not only should your current sexual partner be tested, but any partner that you have had during the past 60 days should also be tested as well. During treatment of Chlamydia, you should not have any unprotected sexual intercourse, including oral sex.

The best treatment for Chlamydia is prevention. Wearing protection, abstaining from having sexual intercourse with multiple partners, and getting tested on a regular basis can all ensure that you don't have to get treated for it in the first place. Besides, you can also choose herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which has a great curativ effect in treating chlamydia without producing any side effects.


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